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FurFright Update: Fun With Candy Corn

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Top paranormal scientists report that in approximately 3 weeks there will be a disturbance in the anthropomorphic world of biblical proportions. Or at least as big as a children's pop-up book. Experts predict that FurFright will come alive, drag its rotting corpse from the grave, and smell really bad. If spotted, douse it in Old Spice and give it a hug. It's lonely. *grins*

FurFright, the Northeast's very own Anthropomorphic Halloween Convention (October 23 & 24, Sheraton Hotel, Windsor Locks CT), is almost upon us, and we're hoping you all come out and join in the furry fun. Some of the most talented artists, animators, writers, and fursuiters in the fandom will be at FurFright, helping us make this young con something special.

Some of the Artists/Dealers scheduled to appear:

-- Sara "Caribou" Palmer
-- Taurin Fox
-- Aura Moser
-- Fennec!
-- JessK
-- White Wolf
-- iCheetah
-- Winged Siamese
-- M&T Comics and Cards
-- Dendrite
-- Teaselbone
-- Louie Furrywolfy
-- Gigaleo
-- Silverfox
-- Lizardman
-- Rainy Day Paperback Exchange
-- Corrupt Ewe/Kitry

. . . and more!

Scheduled Events/Attractions:

Dealer's Dungeon, Creature Crypt (hangout room), Game Room of Death, Movie Morgue, Masquerade, Fursuit Massacre (fursuit games), Fursuit Friendly Dance/Biohazard Rave, Charity Raffle/Auction, Draw or Die! (artist challenge), panels/classes, and lots more!

For a full list of artists/dealers, attractions, events, panels, Code of Conduct (updated), our newly added schedule, and all additional information, check out the official FurFright website at

Thank you all for your support, and for helping us make FurFright a success. This con could not exist without you. All the preparation and anticipation is almost at an end, now it's time to meet up with our friends at the Sheraton in Windsor Locks, CT and have some FurFrightening fun!


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Yo ho! Yo ho!
Brushless or lather boys,
Whichever you've a notion!
Fifty cents for shaving cream,
A dollar for the lotion.
"Old Spice means quality,"
Said the captain to the bosun.
So look for the package with the ship that sails the ocean!
Yo ho! Yo ho!

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