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FurFright 2004. A note from K'gra

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You have 13 days to pre-register for FurFright 2004 at the fiendishly low price of $10! After August 31st, our pre-registration price will go up to $15. To register by mail or online, spook your way to our website at While you're there, feel free to haunt the rest of our website as well! We've got lots of things planned: DDR Tourney, masquerade, movies, charity raffle and auction, fursuit games, video/card/RP gaming, and fantastic dealers to whom you can sell your soul!

Are you a dealer or artist? We've still got some slots available for you! Check out our Dealer/Artist registration page ( for more information!

If you are looking to submit art to the convention for our conbook, t-shirt, and badges, the deadline is also August 31st. We are also accepting advertisements for our conbook. Please visit our website for more information on either of these topics. Art submissions: Advertising:

Lurk your way this way to FurFright!

*haunting hugs*
K'gra Leopard
Con Cat/Registration Director
FurFright 2004


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