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Announcing Mephit FurMeet 2003!

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Mephit FurMeet 2003, also known as MFM7, will be held from August 29 to September 1, 2003, at the Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport.

Click "Read more" for the official convention newsletter.

The official Newsletter of Mephit FurMeet 2003


The Seventh Session Silly Skunkie Symposium known as Mephit FurMeet 2003 will be held from August 29 to September 1, 2003, at the Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport. We invite you to join us for the pizza party gone horribly awry.

Our Website can be found at


MFM is pleased to introduce its guest of honor for 2003: Artist and costumer Loriana Vixen.

Her website can be found at:

---+> T-SHIRT CONTEST 2003

Once again, we will be holding a contest to find out whose art will grace the front of the Mephit FurMeet T-Shirts!

If you’d like to pick up the pencil and contribute, here’s what you need to know.

* T-Shirt art should include the text "Mephit FurMeet" or "MFM," as well as either “7” or "2003".

* Entries must be in black and white (grayscale will not be accepted). The content must not exceed a PG rating and be skunk themed.

* Email entries should be 800x600 in size at 300dpi. Please include a title for your work.
Should you not have the means to email your entry, you can snail mail it to us at our PO Box.

* The Contest winner will be determined by popular vote of those on the FurMeet mailing list.

* T-Shirt contest entries can be emailed to

* All entries will be reviewed by the FurMeet staff, and any entry found to be inappropriate
(violent or sexual conduct or innuendo), or in poor taste will not be permitted in the contest. If you wouldn’t wear the design in front of your dear sweet Grandma, don’t enter it in the contest!

* The outcome of the vote is final. In the event of a tie between two or more entries, the MFM director will cast the deciding vote. The deadline for submitting entries to the t-shirt contest will be July 24, 2003, with voting to commence shortly thereafter. Entries received either by email or snail mail after this date will not be entered into the contest.

And now, for the beautiful legalese:

By submitting an entry to the Mephit FurMeet T-Shirt contest, you are granting Mephit FurMeet and the Mid South and Tennessee Anthropomorphic Arts Association (MST3A) an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use the entry or any part thereof for promotional purposes. The original creators of the work retain ownership of the work and are permitted to use the work in their own portfolios and promotions.


Want to help out MFM, guarantee you’ll get your stuff when you register, AND save $5 in the process? All you need to do is just preregister. Between now and August 1, you can register for MFM 2003 for $35. By pre-registering, you help MFM determine its needs in planning the event, plus you’re guaranteed to have your shirt at the meet!

We will also again be doing Sponsor and Supersponsor memberships. Sponsor Memberships are $60, and include a special print and a special t-shirt. Supersponsor memberships are $100, and include everything the sponsors get, plus your print framed, plus a supersponsor jersey, and a cocktail party with the Guest of Honor. (Of course, make sure you pre-register to have your jersey at MFM!)

You can register online and pay via PayPal at our website.


Our charity this year will once again be the Tiger Haven Sanctuary of Roane County, TN. You can check out Tiger Haven on the web at

This year, we will also be compiling a cookbook that will be sold at MFM 2003, with any money made beyond the publication cost of the books being donated directly to Tiger Haven. To submit a recipe for inclusion in this booklet, please email with Tahamaki at


Want to contribute a story or artwork to our Program Book? Get in touch with Sheve via email at

Want to Advertise in the program book? Great! Here’s the lowdown on costs:

Inside the book: $40 for a full page
$25 for a half page
$15 for a quarter page

Cover Ads (Full page only) $50 inside covers $75 outside rear cover

Advertisements should be in black & white or grayscale. Ads can be either emailed or sent by postal service. Payment for advertisements should be remitted to our main address (provided at

the end of this message) Ad space will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. To
check availability, consult with Tahamaki at


Dealers’ tables are available at the following rates:
$25 for full table / $45 for double table The cost of Dealer’s Tables do not include


Information about reserving a table will be available on our website. Don’t delay, they will fill up quickly.


General chat for those interested in or attending MFM 2003 can be found at

We also have direct mailing lists for news and related posts regarding MFM. This information
can be found on our website.


Programming details are still being reviewed and finalized. We should have more news by the spring of 2003.

Want to share your knowledge? If you would like to take on the task of heading up a panel,
email the name and a brief description of your panel to:


UNIGLOBE Professional Travel as the "Official MFM Travel Agency", has secured for the Mephit FurMeet the following discounts, we will also be happy to book travel for any of the attendees.

Hotel: The Official Mephit Fur Meet Hotel is the Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport. . The hotel is pleased to offer a rate of $89 per night single/double/triple/quad occupancy for the period of August 28th-September 2nd.

Like years previous, to insure the accuracy of reservations, all reservations must be made
through UNIGLOBE Professional Travel.

To make reservations, contact Tyger Cowboy at 314-962-3330 (St. Louis local), 800-653-6524 or . All reservations must be made through the office to get the MFM discount. The hotel offers a free airport shuttle and is going to offer the reasonably priced buffets to the MFM attendees like we had last year. Any questions about the hotel or accommodations, he would be more than happy to answer!

Car: National Rental Car Systems will provide MFM attendees a minimum discount of 5% for any rentals used for MFM. To book this discount they should use the discount number of 5435776. National does not charge an additional driver fee for spouses/domestic partners.

Air: Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines are the official airlines of Mephit FurMeet.
To book your reservations, (internet bookings are not eligible for the discount) call UNIGLOBE Professional Travel at 800-653-6524 or email at and you will receive a 5% discount off the lowest applicable discount fare, including first class, or a 10% discount off full fare unrestricted coach fares, purchased 7 days in advance. An additional 5% discount will apply when tickets are purchased at least 60 days in advance of your travel date. Make sure you mention MFM when you book your reservation.


Mephit FurMeet - P.O. Box 6001 - Saint Louis MO 63139-0001


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*ERF!* That should be, between now and August 1 for the early registration, folks.

Sorry about that.

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Fixed in the article :D

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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