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MFM 8 Newsletter *Last week to pre-reg*

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Just a few things in this week’s MFM newsletter!

The hotel is filling up! Please make sure you get your room request in to or call 800-653-6524 to book your room so we can get you all set. All reservations have to go through Uniglobe. The hotel is not accepting direct reservations.

***Sub-level 03 Announcement***
The band at their concert on Saturday night at MFM will be actually filming a music video for their song “Elements of the Paw”!!! Fursuits, ears, tails and everything are encouraged to be worn to the concert. More details to follow!!

Time is quickly running out to preregister for Mephit Fur Meet 2004 over Labor Day weekend in Memphis, Tennessee!


Preregistration for MFM 2004 is now underway, but it will soon be closed! For fastest service, you can register online at our website at

Please note that this is the only way to pay via credit card for your

***Register before August 1, 2004, and you can attend for $35. That's $5 off the at-the-door price.***

This year's guest of honor is Rog Minotaur!

For more information about the meet, please visit

Membership Level Info

Includes a t-shirt and program mailed to you. Does NOT include a membership for you to attend the convention but does allow you to pay a reduced price of $20 at the door for a total admission of $35. Cost is $15

Includes a free t-shirt and admission to the ice cream social. Until Aug 1st, 2004, cost is $35. The price will rise to $40 at the door.

Includes a limited edition print, and a special thank you gift. Cost is $60.

Includes everything above AND your print is framed, you get a cocktail party with the GOH, Rog Minotaur, AND a special Supersponsor shirt. Cost is $100.

You can either register at and pay with PayPal or you can download a registration form at and mail your registration in.

If you have any questions, feel free to email


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