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Digging Up Positivity - September 2022

Edited by Sonious
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Hello, and a big welcome to the September edition of Digging Up Positivity! These months are the height of convention season and it shows! So many events, both online and offline.

Last premiere I was at Eurofurence together with FoxAmoor, the guest of the previous episode. But when I got back to the Netherlands, merely half a day later I was on the road to Splinter, an amazing four day event in the Netherlands. And after that, we were guests at the Stork Run in The Hague, more about this all that later. And at the end of the episode I will tell you how to win one of these amazing Thabo paw pillows from my artwork Tee merch store.

But first, the astounding amount of charities since last episode!

Argentina Fur Fiesta

Down in South America, the wonderful nation of Argentina, here we had Argentina Fur Fiesta, where the lovely critters managed to raise well above 1.1 million Argentinian pesos, about 8,197 US$ for the ACMA. An organisation devoted to rescue and help mistreated horses.

AnthroExpo: Back to school bash

AnthroExpo had a 2 day online convention where they raised 1,101 US$ for Positive Tomorrows: an organisation devoted entirely to tackling homelessness.


But there were more traditional conventions as well! However, Denfur has one thing different from many of the others. They do not just have one charity but three charities. They raised raised 21,827.65 (US$) for Horseback Miracles, The Transgender Center of the Rockies, and Free Mom Hugs.


As told in the intro, during the premiere of the last show, we were at Eurofurence, where FoxAmoore, our previous guest, was the Guest of Honour. We both were delighted to be a part of a huge team effort to raise well over 33,000 Euros: ($33,208.60 [US$]) in total for the Cheetah Preservation foundation.


And back to the US, where Furrydelphia raised 9,063.29 ($US) for the Bella Reed Pitbull Rescue. An organisation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world.

Mephit Fur Meet

This year at Mephit Furmeet they raised 10,000 ($US) for Tiger Haven, their regular charity. [They are] devoted to be a safe haven for all sorts of big cats, some retired from zoos, or [rescued] from a dark place of abuse.

Tails and Tornadoes

At Tails and Tornadoes, 860 critters banded together and raised over 16,000 ($US) dollars for ARF, an animal rescue foundation. Once started by two individuals rescuing abandoned animals, but over time, helping as many unfortunate animals as they can. And now they are being helped by these awesome critters from Tails and Tornados.


With FursonaCon, 731 cute critters had a lot of fun, and together they raised a whopping 20,000 ($US) for Second Chance Wildlife, which will be used for rescue, rehabilitation and release of healthy wildlife, but education and outreach in the community as well.

Out of The Darkness

Beeton, the raccoon known for Trash Can Tidbits, is taking part in the Out Of The Darkness community walks where he is raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. At the time of making this video, his counter stands on 150 (US$), and I wish him the best of luck walking for this difficult but noble cause.

Benji GoFundMe

Our featurette of this month, Benji the Beagle, has always been known as a bundle of positive energy. He continues to be one of the main drives behind the good atmosphere and spirit of collaborations in within the YouTube communities I am a part of. However, his health is not having the best of time, and his dental issues are becoming a serious health risk. He currently runs a GoFundMe to cover the bill. Currently [the amount raised] stands at 420 (US$), because insurance won’t cover a couple of the very vital parts, much to our collective dismay.

Blue The Catbat Fundraiser

A number of streamers have gathered together to set up a fundraiser for Blue the Catbat, helping out with their medical costs. The fundraiser is still going as we speak and they will be organizing more streams during the week of October 2nd to October 8th. They have created the hashtag #CatBatMedPack on Twitter to raise awareness for their cause. A link to their Ko-Fi page with all of the information will be in the description!


Every year, during the last week of the school vacation in the south of the Netherlands, we have the Splinter event. A giant playground with thousands of kids all enjoying a fun filled day with all sorts of activities, from bouncy castles to zip lining and entertainers and all in between! And of course, each year, me and my friends are part of this amazing event. I even had my sister along! Thabitha.


But the fun did not end there. The very next week we were helping along with the Stork Run in The Hague. Where children with mental disabilities were taken along on a lot of amazing trucks, ranging from ambulances to American rigs and everything in between. A giant parade of honking trucks was going through South Holland, ending up at a huge party in Scheveningen, giving these kids and their families a day to never forget!

Bad guys ‘Villain’

It almost seems like a while ago, but it hasn’t been that long since Bad Guys was released. The animation really stood out, but it did strike a cord with the furry community and it spawned a lot of fan-art. But also, animations like these, from Colozav M! The 2D animation really does capture the vibe of the movie, and it has been one of the best fan-animations of this movie I’ve seen so far!

Special Guest: Benji

And now, we already briefly mentioned them: This months’ featurette Benji the Beagle.

[Guest Interview]

Thank you

Thank you so much for sticking with us till the very end! If you want to see more, do check out my weekly [Twitch] stream on Monday evening, where I vibe with friends while drawing. But that's not all, I did tell you in the beginning you can win a Thabo paw! Please do leave a comment under this video if you win one. The winner will be announced in the October video after I will draw a random winner from the comments. If you can’t wait for that, or want to get more awesome Thabo
merchandise, do check out my artwork tee store, linked in the description. Or, if you want to sponsor my channel like these amazing people: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser

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Thank you all for dropping by, stay awesome, and all the hugs!


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