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Mephit FurMeet - Server Down and Change to T-Shirt Contest Deadline.

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Our webserver died suddenly sometime on Friday. As such, the MFM webpage, mailing lists, and email accounts for the staff are currently unavailable. Since this is impacting the upcoming deadline for the T-Shirt Contest, we're announcing....

Been struggling with your T-Shirt Entry? Been working your pencils to nubs as we approach the deadline on the 10th?

Well, I have some good news, folks...
Due to our server troubles, we're pushing out the contest by one week. All entries must now be received by 11:59 Central Time on Sunday, July 18, 2004.

Please email all entries to tahamaki (@) yahoo . com. I can receive up to 10 MB attachments at this address. Anything larger, please contact me with a web address of the "final" pieces or make arrangements to get it to me via AIM, ICQ, or IRC.

-Assistant Director and T-Shirt Contest Guy


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