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COVID-19 pandemic causes furry convention closures and delays worldwide

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As governments restrict gatherings of people, furry conventions are being postponed or canceled. Here's a quick run down of events and their status as of July 1st 2021 15:30 EDT (UTC-4) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - updates to come.

A new section has been added for past events impacted for historical purposes. More information will be added to deal with virtual versions of a physical gathering if applicable.

Links go to statements if available, or to their Twitter feed or site. See also: Furry Fandom and the Internet forced back to roots by viral outbreak

Major furry storage facility suffers downtime, data loss

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Update: The Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, and for the Furry Costume Information Exchange have been restored.

A RAID storage facility holding data and code for several furry sites has failed, leading to downtime and uncertainty over their recovery.[1]

Sites known to be affected center around the Florida Furs, and include the Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, the Furry Costume Information Exchange (hosting the FURSUIT mailing list and an archive of fursuit-related stories), JR's Poinkcasts (also available elsewhere),[2] and resources for furry ham radio enthusiasts.

IRC server is also affected. As it was the provider of IRC services for the Anthrochat network, channel and nickname registrations may be lost. The network itself remains online, and a temporary replacement is in place on another server.

COMING ATTRACTIONS! #4 - Megaplex 2006 - January 2006

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Experience...the THRILLS!...the FUN!...the FUR!

Megaplex 2006...the HORROR! It's coming...

Things are proceeding rapidly here at Megaplex Central, as we draw closer and closer to our fifth anniversary! Here's the latest on Florida's furry arts and performance convention.

Megaplex 2006 will be held 17-19 March 2006, as we return to the Sheraton World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida. This year, we're saluting classic B-movies, especially the great horror flicks that came about during that time.

COMING ATTRACTIONS! #3 - Megaplex 2006 - December 2005

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Experience...the THRILLS!...the FUN!...the FUR!

Megaplex 2006...the HORROR! It's coming...

Happy Holidays! No matter how you celebrate the season, the Board and staff of Megaplex 2006 hope that your holidays were full of good cheer. We have some good cheer of our own to share, which we'll get to shortly. First things first, however...

COMING ATTRACTIONS! #2 - Megaplex 2006 - October 2005

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Experience...the THRILLS!...the FUN!...the FUR!

Megaplex 2006...the HORROR! It's coming...

BOO! It's that time of year for spooks and scares...and for a quick update on Megaplex 2006!

The fifth-anniversary edition of Florida's furry arts and performance convention will be held 17-19 March 2006, as we return to the Sheraton World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida.


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Megaplex Room Block

Well, Megaplex is coming soon, and the room block is filling up! The deadline is the 10th of February to get your room now at the Megaplex rate.

The hotel will not extend this, as they expect to sell out the rooms for this time of year. After the 10th, the possibility of getting a room will be slim. Right now, the rooms are going for $99.00 a night + taxes under the Megaplex rate.

Are you interested in a bigger room? We do have 1 bedroom suites available to upgrade to in our room block as well. Contact The Sheraton hotel at (800) 327-0363, and remember to use reservation code MEGAPLEX.

Also the 10th is the deadline for pre-reg, so get your registration in now, and save $10.00 online! Go to our website at for more info, and see you in March!

Megaplex hotel pre-booking rate ends February 21st!

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Well, March 19th-21st is drawing near, and people are gearing up for Megaplex 2004, or MP3, since this is our third time out. I'm sure folks have made their plans and decided what they are bringing. Packed their toothbrush, and made their registrations....

Wait! Did you reserve your hotel room yet? No?

Well, better hop to it, because time is running out! As of February 21, the special Megaplex rate of $82 a night for one to four people will become unavailable. The rate will be good for reservation dates March 16-24th. And with MP3 coming in March, the month of Spring Break, hotel rooms are going to fill up fast! After all, we are in Orlando, home of some of the county's most popular theme parks and attractions. Such as the Annual Manatee rodeo and the Museum of Tube Socks from the stars. To make your room reservations, call THE SHERATON STUDIO CITY HOTEL at (800) 327-1366.

Remember to mention the reservation code "MEGAPLEX."

Megaplex Convention Update!

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Well, we've been asked what attendees to the Second Annual Megaplex will be in store for, and finally, here's a quick list of the events and such that we have planned! There is still time to reserve a room as the room block has been extended to March 17th!

Gaming to be offered at Megaplex!!

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Megaplex is going to happen again March 21st to the 23rd in Orlando.

Last year in just two months we managed to put together 28 games in short
notice. We hope to have more to offer this year.

Megaplex is a multi venue con featuring performances, acting, a stage show,
gaming, costumes and much more.

If you are interested in joining in, in running or playing around check out
the website:

Thanks for your time,

Garfield and Anthony
Con Gaming Organizers

Photos from Megaplex!

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For those who attended Pawpet Megaplex or those who did but would like to see what went on here is a link the pictures from the con website: The items of interest are the Fursuit group pictures, new costumes,staged photography, folks working the con, people attending, events, gaming, the variety show and general documentation of the con which was held March 8-10th. Feel free to look through the pictures and caption those with your witty comments.

Pawpet Megaplex-List Of Planned Events

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As the date for Megaplex draws closer, we'd like to show you some of the events we have planned. Hopefully there is something to appeal to everyone.

Megaplex Gaming announces March 1 deadline for gaming submissions

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The gaming department of Pawpet Megaplex has announced the deadline of March 1st. Pre-register by March 1st and agree to run 10 hours of gaming to get free admission to the con!

Pawpet Megaplex!!

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Here is a excuse to come to Florida and enjoy a convention at the same time. Pawpet Megaplex is hosting a con March 8-10th in Orlando, Florida at the Ramada Resort and Conference Center at 7400 International Drive.

Look for many events including mascot costume building, performance, Puppetry, Photography panel, a Variety show and Gaming.

Especially Gaming! I am looking for folks that want to run games or play. Miniatures, Role-playing, card games, Board games or CCG's. If you want to run something just go to the URL and follow the links. A nice bonus for pre-registered games is, RUN just ten hours of gaming and the con admission ($25.00) is free!

PawPet MegaPlex Hotel now has hotel booking available

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PawPet MegaPlex Hotel now has hotel booking available

The moment everyone was waiting for.. The PawPet Megaplex Online
Registration and Hotel Reservation is now ready. Book your hotel rooms

More details can be found at:

FSB canceled and replaced.

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In a recent e-mail alert, it was announced that this year's Furry Spring Break was canceled. However, the convention was replaced by another similar one, called "PawPet Megaplex Convention". Same time slot and location. Details can be found here.