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COMING ATTRACTIONS! #4 - Megaplex 2006 - January 2006

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Experience...the THRILLS!...the FUN!...the FUR!

Megaplex 2006...the HORROR! It's coming...

Things are proceeding rapidly here at Megaplex Central, as we draw closer and closer to our fifth anniversary! Here's the latest on Florida's furry arts and performance convention.

Megaplex 2006 will be held 17-19 March 2006, as we return to the Sheraton World Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida. This year, we're saluting classic B-movies, especially the great horror flicks that came about during that time.

...the GUEST OF HONOUR! Megaplex 2006 is very proud to welcome BRIAN REYNOLDS as our guest of honour this year! Brian is an excellent artist, whose work was showcased by Sofawolf Press in 2004 (along with that of his wife, Tracy). A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, he works primarily in the videogame industry - but this doesn't stop him from sharing his art with his fans, most recently as a regular contributor to the Funday Pawpet Show. To see more of Brian's work, visit, or Brian's LiveJournal. Meet this talented artist in person at Megaplex 2006!

...the HOTEL! Come spend your spring break with us! Hotel reservations are already open for Megaplex 2006. Call (800) 327-0363 and use reservation code PAWPET to reserve your room at our $95 (+ tax and resort fees) room rate.

ACT QUICKLY! Because of demand for hotel rooms at the Sheraton, our block isn't too flexible - call as soon as possible to get your room. Drop-dead date for hotel reservations is 17 February 2006, but rooms could fill up sooner than that! For more hotel information, surf to our hotel page .

Note : The hotel requires a one-night security deposit (which means they may charge your credit card for the first night at the time of booking). If you cancel within 72 hours of arrival, you will be refunded the charge. This is the hotel's way of insuring they don't get stuck with an empty room.

...the BADGES! We are now taking pre-registrations for the convention! Surf to our registration page for information and costs. Attending memberships are currently only $35; sponsor, super-sponsor, and Mega-Sponsor memberships are available as well. Full information is on the web site.

HURRY! Pre-registrations close on 17 February 2006!

...the DEALERS! Our members have been asking for it, so this year, we'll have a more traditional Dealer's Room at Megaplex. Table reservations can be made when you register for the convention. Full tables are only $40 apiece (limit two). First come, first served. Contact Karl F. Meyers with any questions.

PLEASE NOTE! This replaces the Artists Alley of previous years, and dealers may sell third-party items as well as their own work at their tables, within the usual convention guidelines. Tables are in limited sure to reserve yours today! It's easy to do when you register for the con. Also, check out our offer on con book advertisements, further down!

...the T-SHIRTS! Show folks where you spent your spring break with a snazzy Megaplex 2006 t-shirt. Shirts are $12, and available in Small through 2X-Large. Order your shirt when you pre-reg, to guarantee you'll get one - we're pretty much making them to order this year, and may not have many extra to sell at the convention. (And the price will go up at the con, if we do!)

...the MUSIC! Megaplex is proud to bring back a tradition from previous years - the Saturday night concert, this year featuring 4:2:FIVE! Based in Orlando, FL, 4:2:Five has been shattering the a cappella stereotype since 2000 with their powerful performances across the U.S. Evolving from a street corner barbershop sound, and drawing on funk, rock, jazz, and blues - 4:2:Five is unlike any musical experience on Earth, recreating an entire instrumental band with nothing but 5 mics and 5 voices with a style and charisma all their own. For more info, check out

...the PROGRAMMING! We've got your old favourites, and new events planned as well. 2 the Ranting Gryphon makes his return to Megaplex after a year away, and Uncle Kage brings his Story Hour back for another engagement as well! The variety show is back, with the Return of the Gong Show - what snack food will get dumped on Poink this year (and will we be able to get it out of the carpet afterwards)? Plus, multiple fursuit games, including fursuit mini-golf, will be planned throughout the weekend. And that's just a taste of what's to come at Megaplex 2006!

If you're interested in participating in the Variety Show (and fear no gong), contact Josh Strom.

More events will be announced shortly. Remember, all programming is subject to change, so stay tuned for updates!

...the CONBOOK! Want to contribute to the Megaplex 2006 Con Book? Check out our conbook page for more information, or drop Jess Kiela a line. (We're always looking for ad swaps with other conventions; contact us for details.)

NEW! Personals and advertisements in the con book can be purchased this year. If you want to add visibility to your products or services, or just want to say hello to a friend, this is the way to do it!

* PERSONALS : Have your 50-character personal appear in the con book for only $5! Add $1 for each additional 10 characters.

* ADVERTISEMENTS : Need a larger space, or some graphics? Pick up an advertisement space! The con book is digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5") this year.

** 1/8 page = $10
** 1/4 page = $20
** 1/2 page = $30
** full page = $40
** double-page spread = $60

Dealers who also purchase ad space in the con book will get DOUBLE SPACE! In other words, a dealer can get a full page ad for the price of a 1/2 page ad!

The deadline for all personals and advertisements is 24 February 2006, so get yours in now! (We reserve the right to reject personals/advertisements that are beyond our rating or otherwise in bad taste.) Visit our conbook page for more info and submissions!

...the VOLUNTEERS! We're looking for a few good fen! We've been a bit short-staffed the past couple of years, so if you'd like to help us make this convention the best it can be, volunteer! Contact Karl F. Meyers directly, or attend one of our open meetings.

...the MEETINGS! If you'll be in the Orlando area on Saturday, February 4th, come join us for our January planning meeting! We'll be at the Bear Rock Cafe at Millenia Plaza. (From downtown Orlando, take I-4 west to Exit 79 (John Young Parkway), and turn left. About a mile down, turn right onto Millenia Blvd, then turn right on Millenia Plaza Way. The restaurant will be on your left.) The meeting will get underway around 5:00pm.

Additional live meetings will be held over the next couple of months as we get closer to the con; watch for further updates!

If you're not in the area, come chat with us! We use the same IRC server as the Funday Pawpet Show. "CarlFox" will be in the #megaplex channel during the Pawpet Show over the next couple of months (Sunday nights between 7pm and 11pm EST) to answer any questions you may have about the con. Feel free to pop in!

...the FUTURE! We're getting ever closer to Megaplex 2006; make your plans now to join us in Orlando! We'll be posting new updates more frequently in January and February, so watch for 'em.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our web site and LiveJournal community for more news. Hope to see you at Megaplex 2006!


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