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Fangcon circus coming to Knoxville in November

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This promotional newsletter was provided by Fangcon. Story written by Nightwolf.

Welcome one and all, to the furriest show on Earth! Come to a convention unlike any you've seen before!

What makes Fangcon stand out from the rest? We've packed this weekend full of activities to enjoy all weekend long by all ages. Test your skill and luck at our carnival corner, with games provided by furries from all over Tennessee. Enjoy the fursuit parade and watch the suiters compete in the fursuit games. For a more refined feel, take a seat in the poker tournament. Relax in the hotel's heated pool before the late night dances.

Master of Flames

More, you say? You want more than this? Well, we've got more! For what carnival convention would be complete without a genuine master of fire? Watch Fast & Furryious as he tames the wild flames and breaths fire in the early night by the poolside. Fast & Furryious will be holding performances each evening of the con, with each performance slightly different than the last. You'll definitely want to come to each performance.

Fangcon 2 poster

Music, laughs, and more

The ever popular Furry Drama Show will also be returning to Fangcon with a host of new performances. Come and enjoy the music, comedy, and joy of this great show. If you'd like to add your performance to The Furry Drama Show, it's not too late! Just contact them through their FA page.

Tiger tamers

Once again, Tiger Haven will be joining us as our charity of choice. We hope all of you will go by their table to learn more about their great works. To help support them we will be hosting a charity auction. A variety of items are being gathered from the four corners of the world to be claimed by the furry community. If you have an item you'd like to donate to the charity to help support the kitties, please bring it with you to the con. We'll have a place set up for last minute entries.

Dance and acrobats

No convention is complete without nights full of music and dance. It's during the late hours of the night that the con becomes a new world of music, dance, and lights. This year, we are looking for guest DJ's present during the dances. If you think you have what it takes, please email our A/V lead Loud Howl at loud.howl[at]

Stories to remember

We want Fangcon to be a weekend to remember. We're coming up with photo opportunities and ways to help remember the con. One of the best ways if through the conbook. Each year we give attendees a conbook packed with original stories, poems, and artwork provided by the furry community. And each year, we try to make it bigger than the last. We want to have your artwork and writings added to the pages. If you'd like your works added, please contact our conbook editor Warndog at Warnndog[at]

One weekend only

Remember, the Fangcon carnival will only be in town for one weekend. This will be an event you won't want to miss. Rooms will fill up fast! Just call our hotel at (865) 693-1011 and be sure to mention the code FCG to get our special con rate. Every room booked helps support the con.

If you're looking for a roommate, someone to travel with, or just trying to arrange a meetup, then be sure to stop by the Fangcon mailing list. Other areas to find us all at are on Fur Affinity, Twitter and Facebook (main page and open discussion group).

Kyoht, our wonderful GoH, will be selling in the dealers den along with a variety of other crafters. Other big names in the fandom, such as Rhubarb The Bear and Buck Reilly aka Husky in Denial are making plans to attend. We want to add your name to the list of attendees this year.

See you all at the carnival! And please share the news about Fangcon on your Twitter account, blogs, or whatever you use to talk to people. :3


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