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Fans, conventions step forth to help furry tornado victim

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Heroes of Moore TornadoFlayrah reported in May on Misora Rae's loss of her home in the Moore, OK tornado. In subsequent days, furs have sent an outpouring of support, helping her with supplies and funds. They gathered for the clean-up, helping her sort through the rubble of what was once her home; she found her fursuit, which had survived the storm but was covered in insulation, and was getting a musty odor from the rains that came with the tornado. The team also found one of her cats, crushed to death by a fallen wall. The stress of this is a hardening factor for Misora.

Support for Misora and her mother continues, with several Furry conventions joining together to raise funds for her family. Central Plains Fur Con, Fangcon, F3con and Wild Nights will be auctioning supersponsor and higher levels of membership, with proceeds going to Misora. The first is for a membership for CPFC, to be held October 2013 in Wichita, Kansas with Rukis as the guest of honor. Other auctions will be posted after the initial auction concludes.

The support group is seeking other items for auction; businesses and organizations interested in donating can reply to this post with details. Look to the Dealer's Den for more auctions in the weeks that follow. You can also donate directly to Misora via PayPal.


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Ironically the only auctions for this showed up on Furbuy, and none appeared on the dealer's den. Bad reporting? Somebody playing favorites?

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This comment is intriguing as I will admit I hadn't investigated whether the auctions were set up by the Dealer's Den as this article claimed it would be.

That being said, by the sounds of the comment at some point over the past three months you saw an auction for this on Furbuy (and not on Dealer's Den), instead of mentioning the auction here for those that could have been interested in such a thing, you waited three months to see if Dealer's Den would do anything to make an accusation.

One could say you were playing favorites by not mentioning Furbuy's auctions as soon as you knew about them. You were not interested in getting information out there or to correct, you seemed to be more interested in making Flayrah look bad.

If you see something missed, say something sooner rather then when it's convenient for the message you're trying to convene.

Disclaimer: My comment assumes you are being factually accurate. I do not know when or where there were auctions regarding this event.

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The first auction appeared on Dealer's Den actually.

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Thanks for sharing that, one starring the original comment now and marking it as spam.

Doesn't seem like there were any takers, hopefully they did get some donations via other means.

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Please don't mark anything as spam that is not clearly spam. One star is adequate if a comment is misleading.

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Arguably it was a furbuy ad, so it could be marked as spam.

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There are no links; if anything, the commenter supports the Dealers' Den, not FurBuy. Moreover, the auctions were mentioned in the article. Their comment may have been mistaken, but was not inappropriate.

The "mark as spam" links for contributors are intended to combat the constant barrage of links for products and services unrelated to the fandom. I am constantly refining our filters, but they will never be perfect.

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Was talking about anon 1's comment not anon 2's(their's had no link).

Lying, to me, is spam. Spam is information that wastes my time, particularly to promote or demote causes. However, I will use the button as its intended use from now on and only use it on non-furry spam.

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I would just leave it up so others can see it. Just makes them look silly for not researching it themselves.

thanks though

The second auction did better.

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