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Turbulence in Tulsa as ousted Tails and Tornadoes president starts new convention in same hotel

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Free Fur All convention logoIn Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tails and Tornadoes is a young convention that's been running in the Central U.S. state since 2019. Its premiere year was reviewed here on Flayrah by one-time contributor Koori Kitty. Like the weather system it was named after, the con has subsequently found itself in a whirlwind that's rattled its organization.

The first shakeup was one that affected most gatherings, in that its second year was unable to be held in 2020 due to COVID-19 closures. But on top of this, the same year brought in political fallout from the final year of Trump's presidency. Riots in the American Midwest soon spurred worldwide protests following the murder of George Floyd by a law enforcement officer, where the unarmed black man was strangled by a knee to his neck that was held there for over eight minutes. The entire duration of the strangulation was recorded on a smartphone and shared over the Internet.

The United States government, under the leadership it held, decided to go against the advisability of de-escalation in these matters and instead responded with hostile rhetoric. Given the shutdown of many non-essential jobs due to the pandemic, this created a perfect storm of vocal protests and rioting towards an unsympathetic system, sentiments that spread far beyond the Midwest where the murder took place.

Update: Correction made about staffing shifts from 2020 to 2021 in Tails and Tornados per Koori.

Update: AWOO has released a statement in their Telegram group that the hotel has withdrawn from their contract.

Getting caught up in the vortex

Problematic statements against Black folk would unfortunately be believed and echoed by some furry fans in leadership positions. One of those vocalizing these viewpoints was PeaceWolf, the head of Tails and Tornadoes' organization at the time.

Not true to her namesake, she ended up using rhetoric that called for increased violence against protesters. One of her liked posts on Twitter included a reworked Gadsden Flag (also known as the 'No steppie snake' flag by some in the fandom) which had the teeth of the snake sinking into a fist, a symbol of the protests at the time, with the words "You Were Warned".

As more issues came up, including one of PeaceWolf's previous friends coming forward with a story about how the head of the convention was perversely dismissive of a report she'd made about being groped, more pressure fell on Tails and Tornadoes to take action. After serving one year as its head, Peacewolf was replaced by Ace Shepherd in 2020, which was then handed off to Matthew for the return of the convention, held this September 2021. (Perhaps Koori, their Hotel Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator [Correction, they are now the Vice President], will do another write-up of the 2021 event for Flayrah, if they haven't forgotten about us during the long hiatus! [He has! Thanks!])

Tulsa Two-Step

The taste of leading a community can lead some folks to do things that may seem fanatical. However, that's the essence of what the meaning of fandom is. Instead of taking the time to reflect upon her actions before climbing back upon the horse, a healthy thing that all of us have to do from time to time, Peacewolf instead decided to get back on the bronco and start her own rodeo.

Instead of starting another convention or furmeet in another part of the state, she decided to attempt to start a new convention called Free Fur All ("America's Anthro Convention") held at the very same hotel as Tails and Tornadoes, though not on the same dates. She would back this using her newly-founded organization named AWOO. Which stands for Anthro West Open Organization - or Anthro Western Open Organization - It depends if you're looking at the banner or the logo on their 'About' page.

It's easy to tell that the acronym of the organization came first, with the actual name being merely an afterthought.

Speaking of "What's in a name", while their acronym-loving idea might have been internally appreciated as being clever, it may not have been a strong marketing move. "Awoo" is a pretty common onomatopeia that's popular outside furry fandom, and "Free Fur All" is also apparently the name of a game made for the We Bare Bears series. So on search engines, We Bare Bears will be obscuring the furry convention. Isn't it ironic, don't you think, that a furry convention named itself in such a way that it ended up obstructed by furry media?

Not only that, the Anthropomorphic Writer's Outreach Organization took the AWOO acronym in the fandom first. Due to this situation, they had to make a distancing statement after PeaceWolf's organization made their Free Fur All announcement. It should be noted that because it's a writer's organization, the words used to spell out the acronym's letters actually make cohesive sense.

Still, even though the two conventions are scheduled during opposite points of the year, if Free Fur All actually comes to fruition, then the fact that they're being held in the same facility will shatter any previous records of furry con proximity. It's too bad these sister conventions are more of a literal Cinderella story, than just a figurative one.

A Cantina of the self-described "Cancelled"

Free Fur All has made itself out to be a welcoming community for a rogues gallery of fursona-non-gratas who have developed over years of furry participation on social media. Its first year, scheduled for 2022, includes 2 the Ranting Gryphon as an honored guest, a self-proclaimed comedian whose participation in early furry fandom likely helped push his career for hyuks further than it probably would have gotten otherwise.

The convention's own website acknowledges the social controversies surrounding their brand of entertainment:

"Unfortunately, in 2016, his excursion in comedy was considered 'canceled' after being accused of being a 'Homophobic, Transphobic, Misogynist, Racist, Nazi' for the usual sin of publicly declaring a belief and passion for the concept of free speech."

All that may be true, but I think some furs see him as villainous because he literally looks like if Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Dr. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog had a baby.

2 also tried to run a convention in Southern California called Antheria, which only lasted two years. To be fair, it's not clear if this is because the gryphon's leadership style didn't work out, or if it was because the name they gave it sounded like a disease that would cause unstable bowel movements, so furries stayed away. There was no official statement on why it dissolved, so no one can say for certain.

This is why Peacewolf's convention has been calling itself a return to the "OG" fandom. It's led and guested by those who have found themselves left behind, through their own actions of punching toward the downtrodden, or from not taking steps to improve themselves or their fan community. The fandom, meanwhile, has continued to grow, discover, follow and enjoy new leaders and comedians. It has yet to be seen if the convention will actually have panels covering historical aspects of the fandom, or if it will perpetuate a myth of a once consequence-free fandom that never really existed for most of us.

It's the reason that many in the fandom have noted that the newly-announced convention is more than likely to become a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and to use caution.

I Tread on Thee

The fact that Peacewolf's new convention is to be held in the very same place as her old one suggests a motivation of revenge. Announcing her con the week before Tails and Tornadoes 2021 could be seen as coincidental, but it's certainly the best time to cause the greatest disruption to the proceedings of her old con. Non-local furry fans might even call the hotel to express their concerns about its furry con - not realizing there was another furry con already happening there. Distinguishing between the two would be essential to ensure that fans wouldn't unwittingly harm the reputation of Tails and Tornadoes.

Another source that points toward a desire for vengeance comes from an article written by Allie Capps, a previous President of the Furry Writers' Guild, citing an anonymous source that said that AWOO attempted (and failed) to get an exclusivity agreement with the hotel for holding furry gatherings:

"It has been confirmed to us by an anonymous source that [PeaceWolf] is the creative force behind the convention as well as by incorporation documents for Awoo Association. It was also revealed to us by the same source that Awoo Association allegedly attempted to get the hotel to sign an exclusivity clause which would have forced Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con to find a new host for their event, but the hotel refused to do so."

Tails caught in the Tornado

While those such as Allie Capps have expressed the desire to try to shut down Free Fur All, it's important to remember that they may not be successful. Hotels are in the business of trying to book as many gatherings as they can, to make up for lost revenues during the pandemic. It's why the Marriott is more than happy to have both events.

However, while they may want to avoid direct confrontation towards their ousted leader, Tails and Tornadoes are going to need to take preventative measures and gather fandom support to protect against further competitive wrath. The best way to take on Free Fur All may be to not deal with it in any manner that would give it more attention. Instead, perhaps the strategy would be to kill it with kindness toward Tails and Tornadoes.

Their hotel liaison should do what they can to make it clear to the management that Tails and Tornadoes is not represented by the actions of Free Fur All, despite being from the same hobby. Try to make it clear their convention is being led by problematic staff that was once on the board of Tails and Tornadoes.

It's very possible that the new convention, should they start to see a failure in the numbers they hope to reach in their first year, may aim to damage the hotel's attitude towards furry fandom on their way out. A sort of take-you-down-with-me approach; it wouldn't be too unexpected of someone who has a reputation for spitefulness. So building up excellent hotel relations is very essential to protect Tails and Tornadoes from any fallout that results from any pending free-for-all.

One of the best ways to segregate Tails and Tornadoes from Free Fur All would be to sever ties with their shared charity of Safari's Sanctuary, which PeaceWolf volunteers with, and to instead pick another local charity in 2022.

For the rest of those furry fans who would like to take action, this is the perfect opportunity for our fandom to make Tails and Tornadoes a stable and popular convention going into the post-pandemic era. You'd want to ensure that we treat the hotel staff like kings, and bring unbridled joy to them. This is especially important as the other convention, more aligned towards those with narcissistic tendencies, will likely look upon the staff as tools and treat them as such.

The more that Tails and Tornadoes flourishes without its "OG" leader, and the more her Free Fur All venture remains static in growth, the more she may have to confront the grave errors she made: in seeking vengeance, and in becoming controlled by the anger that social media can encourage.

If, however, you are someone that does decide to go to Free Fur All instead, remember this important fact. The convention is not political. Sure, it may be led by a person who was ousted from their position of power at the other convention held in the same hotel, but that's not political at all.

More seriously though, just treat everyone well, the way you would want to be treated in return. If you do that and you're successful then perhaps you'll have the rest of us eating our words. Prove us wrong.


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Setting aside the whole "we're scheduling a new convention in the exact same place as another convention" because "I SHALL BE AVENGED!" (always a good reason to do ... anything, really), as an Oklahoman, I think maybe also you should try and avoid the Rocklahoma rock festival a bit better, especially if you're in Tulsa because it's kind of right there. I mean, Tornadoes and Tails happened to have the exact same dates as Rocklahoma this year, but only because the festival was postponed a bit (for, you know, reasons), but under normal circumstances, that wouldn't happen. Free Fur All, however, put their's right in their normal time period.

I mean, obviously catering to slightly different crowds, but there's got to be some overlap; also, Tulsa's got to be at least a little bit busier than normal. I'm not sure about those dates.

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Curiously, 'Free Fur All' is also a popular furry Discord guild (reviews), and... a furry RP board where "you can be your own mate"? (I like Sky's use of "Battle Against a True Hero" from Undertale. Does she count as furry, or feathery? Who can tell, poptropica30319.)

And let's not forget fursuit makers Fun Fur All and One Fur All. There are only so many names.

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What a foofaraw!

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Free Fur All's promo video is already at 500+ comments.

May the best con win? Nothing like free-market competition, and it may give furs from further afield reason to visit.

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I'm surprised they kept comments open. I guess they know that engagement increases sharing? Where as comments on Twitter usually don't and lead to people saying things like 'ratio'd', so best just to deactivate and let people quote retweet.

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It's funny, because the guy saying that was ratio'd right to the bottom of the comments... overall they seem a good mix.

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Hey everyone! No, I didn't forget about you guys regarding the TTFC 2021 article. I'm trying to get caught up this week (RIP)

One small change to this article -- Ace actually took the chair for a short period of time in 2019 before Mattew became our new permanent chair. I now serve as the President (of the parent organization) and Vice-Chair of the event itself. Along with that, we wear multiple hats (WHEW).

For those wondering, TTFC has absolutely no affiliation with the aforementioned organization. We are happy to be a positive part of the community, all things considered, and look forward to many great years to come!


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Thanks for the comment, sorry for the outdated information. Have to start realizing the configurations on Wikifur could be a bit outdated.

Thanks for your hard work this year. Having attendance growth out there in spite of the one year hiatus is a good sign.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

It's always good to double-check facts. To a large extent, WikiFur relies on updates from interested parties - and let's be honest, most con staff have had more important things to do recently. But anyone can edit to help out!

It seems someone was interested in FFA, as not only does it have an article, it got added to the furry convention map (albeit with a broken image and without the 18+ age restriction - now fixed). Of course, adding an entry is easier than keeping it up to date - and since it is in the same place, and we sort the largest cons on top, it's not so easy to click...

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Okay, I also doubt "FFA" sticks as an acronym; Oklahoma's a state where even the furries would think "Future Farmers of America" reflexively.

Your rating: None Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

... I hadn't heard that acronym since high school man.

I miss pancake breakfasts...

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I personally hope that Safari's severs all ties with Peacewolf and her organization, and refuse any donations that they try to give.

We don't want charity from people who want us to not exist.

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The convention is not political. Sure, it may be led by a person who was ousted from their position of power at the other convention held in the same hotel, but that's not political at all.

Let's be real. It's purely political. It's all about revenge and giving a safe space for nazifur snowflakes.

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Regardless of my personal feelings on any of the players involved, I'm giving this article a D grade. Please learn the difference between reporting and an editorial, and don't try to combine them in one work. And low blows are low blows. Seriously, we're down to the level of making fun of people for how they LOOK? In FURRY FANDOM? Please.

Your rating: None Average: 2 (1 vote)

I never meant to imply Eggman or Doom looked *bad*. More that they are usually seen as the baddies in furry media.

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As a onetime journalist, I would agree that putting a "Perspective" tag on the article or in the headline is good practice. I believe the difference between a that and an editorial is that editorials are consensus positions of the editorial board.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

We don't do editorials in that sense, in part because we have too few editors and coordination between them for it to be feasible, but also because Flayrah is meant to be a form of citizen journalism, covering a wide range of viewpoints.

Instead, work is tagged as 'opinion' - which translates to Google News' op-ed tag, unless also tagged 'review' or 'interview' - and we copyedit and publish multiple opinions from both regular and occasional submitters. Newsletters are also a form of opinion, I guess, but treated as press releases for syndication purposes.

That means this piece is Sonious' opinion, not Flayrah's - which as a news platform, doesn't have an opinion. dronon edited it, but for opinion that typically means copyediting and polishing to clearly express the author's intent. (Sometimes, it's a lot of polishing.)

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BS and Twitter walks. It feels good to roast bad apples, but it doesn't mean anyone else is listening.

Yelling at/about this con may do nothing to stop them and may help them.
- The hotel cares about booking rooms, not fruitless rage from nonattendees
- Con may have an arrangement with the hotel, but that may not be complete until they actually book rooms
- Booking may need lots of attention, so beware Streisand Effect of yelling about the con
- "Crying wolf" now may hurt communicating later, like sharing records of secret staff

Speaking of records, here's 2 Gryphon helping to platform an inarguable hate group

Same source platformed in 2018; that's years of pretending not to know about open (white) "nationalism" by an inarguable neo-nazi

A clue to another open neo-nazi involved

Better than yelling is gathering info for a stronger case when it's not premature. And yes, polite communication with hotel staff.

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Claim of con's demise

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

As a notable Wolf once said, let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet.

Running a con was never the only goal, here; hell, it probably wasn't the primary goal. If starting up a successful con, or even a niche-but-ongoing "apolitical" (not enough scare quotes in the world, is there?) alternative was the primary goal, then it would be held basically anywhere but a city that already has a convention. Nah, this is about revenge; I'm not celebrating until Tails and Tornadoes still exists.

I don't think we're dealing with evil geniuses, but we are arguably dealing with evil. This con kind of sounds like a suicide play; taking out T'n'T (now there's an abbreviation that needs to catch on!) was the endgame. If Free For All became an actual thing, well, gravy, but this is has "Ricardo Montalban quoting Moby Dick at the end of The Wrath of Khan" vibes written all over it (uh, "Khan/con" pun not originally intended, but yeah, let's go with it). Hell, a lot of that crowd still blames Deo for sabotaging Denver's con; "you took our con, we take one of yours."

With that in mind, calling up a bunch of hotels and telling them "you don't want to host this furry convention, it's bad business" is probably not actually helpful for Tails and Tornadoes' short-term health. They've had two conventions; not really a lot of time to really start a relationship, or even give the hotels time distinguish the "good" con from the "bad" con. At this point, from a business standpoint, it's easier to just say, "You know what, fuck this shit, no furries." instead of making the distinction.

Besides, it's fucking Tulsa; a Trump rally widely reported as having a disappointing turn out last year in Tulsa easily had double the attendance of Tails and Tornadoes this year. You're kind of making an odd assumption about Oklahoma (a.k.a. possibly the solidest red state in America).

Your rating: None

I must note that Antheria, the unsuccessful convention headed by 2 Gryphon in Southern California, was located within a half hour of Califur's operations.

We all remember what happened to Califur, yeah?

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Actually I didn't, but, yeah, this.

Your rating: None Average: 3.3 (7 votes)

In the interest of differentiating the cons, and for letting prospective attendees know exactly what they're in for, I suggest rebranding Free Fur All as RepubliCon. Maybe DonnieConnie would also work.

Your rating: None Average: 2.3 (3 votes)

Leaning into it instead of trying to pretend they are something they are not would probably be preferable for them and their attendees.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (4 votes)

Its sad to see someone fall down a hole, but my god is it fascinating when they start digging. This wolf woman dug so deep she started finding bigoted mole people underground and enlisting them to help her dig EVEN DEEPER.

This metaphor got away from me but in any case I just hope this whole debacle reaches a disappointing anticlimax where attendees are either too few or two destructive to be economically viable and the hotel doesn't invite them back.

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I'm in favour of opinion pieces and letting author's have a known bias but wow... this was not great. A lot of weird low-blows and a lot of unnecessary speculation (Didn't you read a journalistic ethics book after speculating on people's motivations last year?). There's a difference between having a position and just attacking people's character. I really would've expected better.

As it is, this whole thing is unnecessary and pointless drama. Perhaps the existence of the convention itself is pointless drama too, I will not pretend to know the motivations of those that started it, but the bigger question is "so what?" So many people seem to be so upset that some people with whom they disagree are having their own convention. Let me them have their convention. If you don't like it, don't go to it. But there's no reason to stop them having it.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

Your rating: None Average: 3.5 (6 votes)

I had, but then I read your article on free speech you linked again and decided that it was probably the direction to go than some silly old morale book.

In honesty, though, the 2 Gryphon section probably could have gotten left out, it was the only section that really had the low blows and in honesty didn't add much to the story. But I guess that's comedy right? Find the line and cross it deliberately?

Your rating: None Average: 4 (4 votes)

Mentioning 2 as a guest is valid. Guests can indicate the tone of an event, or at least those the organizers consider worthy of praise or likely to attract a desired audience.

The issue was combining that with trash talk which, judging by the reception, was not fully appreciated by our audience - many of which likely recall a time when social media was not the gold standard of approval. It also means you end up relying on your own opinion. If you truly "think some furs see him as villainous", it'd be more powerful to quote and link references to them expressing that view, and let readers judge for themselves. (And if you don't believe that... don't say it? It's "opinion", not "jokes".)

Reading through, it'd probably have worked better as a video script, where tone is more obvious, than it did in a news story. Which is unfortunate, because it undermines potentially relevant stuff mentioned in that section, like the failure of Antheria.

I've generally found it works better to write a straight article and save opinion and comedy for the comments - or a separate piece. If nothing else, it makes it shorter, and so more likely to be read. We also didn't already have a straight news piece about the new con, so it would have been beneficial. Of course, it also has to be something contributors want to write.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

Thank you, Green. You directly addressed the concern that I (and I think Rakuen too) had expressed.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (5 votes)

I would like to say I don't feel kind of sub-tweeted by proxy by GR's comment, because, I mean, even though my latest article literally starts with a long set up before reaching a punchline, or, put another way, a joke, and that's hardly an isolated incident. It was literally a review, or more particularly, not news. I do also frequently put jokes in my "news", but I don't really do a lot of actual "fandom" news. It's more "here's something in pop culture furries might like", or entertainment news, and, well, it's entertainment, so I feel a bit more lee-way is allowed that sort of thing.

Sonious, I don't want to say this, but you do have an "editorializing" problem. You like to break news on the opinion page, and you kind of shouldn't do that. I mean, this is my version of the Oklahoma furry convention dies horrible, embarrassing death; as the comments make clear, I had opinions about that convention, but I kept them to Reddit instead of the article. Ummm, that still didn't work because PATCH PACKRAT IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE, but you know, if you just read the article, everything was fine. I also did speculate about what else was maybe going on; but once again, I kept that to the comments.

Look at the comment below this. This fucking shitweasel almost has a point (and yes I googled him and read like half a page of tweets, yes, "fucking shitweasel" constitutes accurate reporting here). And this keeps happening. Mike Retriever/Ben Dover was able to get both Rakuen and Green Reaper on your case (which, to be fair, is not that hard) about non-white visibility in the fandom because you couldn't keep from editorializing instead of just saying "there's a hashtag furries of color are using." Yes, it was a purely political story; I mean, not just the way you wrote it, but the entire subject matter. And that context needed to be brought up, but there's a difference between noting that context and drowning out the actual story with the context (and your own take on that context).

But, I think Green Reaper may have made a pretty pertinent observation; you're a YouTuber. That's what you do. That's a different medium. It has different rules. And, to be clear, I'm not being snobby. I'm saying you should probably just post videos. Isiah Jacob did reviews that way. I don't know if that's already been shot down by Green Reaper or dronon or you yourself or whatever, but it might be worth a shot. All you need is a short lead in paragraph, and you're golden.

It would also cut down on another, uh, well, problem I'd like to point out. Good god, your articles are way too long. I worry about bloat in my reviews (and, aside to GR, that's why I don't add subheads any more to my reviews, even though you added them a lot of times; I don't know why, but they cause my word count to balloon, and, holy shit, I need all the help I can get, so don't take that personally), but I'm luckily not too afraid to just chop shit (I mean, obviously not in my comments, but that's different, probably). OMIT NEEDLESS WORDS. KILL YOUR BABIES.

Okay, I think I'm done. Just remember, we're all amateurs here. We're all learning. Don't take any of this personally, partially because it's not meant to be hurtful, partially because I'm a giant gaping asshole that no one should pay any attention to. Just remember, let's have fun. Okay, break!

Oh, uh, aside to Mink; sorry. Not really a reply to you. You can safely ignore this if you choose to.

Your rating: None

Thanks, I'll definitely consider changing styles from here on in. After I get through this next wave of stress that'll be coming our way.

Your rating: None Average: 3 (2 votes)

Well, do take care of yourself; whatever else, I definitely want you still around. So thanks for taking it well (I really am uncomfortable about the comment); I really doubt I'd take a similar out of the blue critique as well. And the most important advice is truly "have fun".

Your rating: None Average: 3 (4 votes)

Oh the irony firedog, the irony is dripping right out of everything you said there.
One would have thought that earning a living would put an end to your shitposting here but it seems we're wrong once again- you surprised us.

BTW, how's the dog's g-spot doing?

Your rating: None Average: 3 (5 votes)

Not too keen on articles where the writer spends the whole first part of it letting us know what the 'correct' way to view events is. Kinda makes me think the whole thing might be written in a slanted manner to lead us to a conclusion, rather than presenting the facts objectively.

I used to make ranty, opinionated FA journals like that, and I was an asshat while I was doing it.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

The difference now is that they fit into 280 characters, yeah?

Your rating: None Average: 1 (3 votes)


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