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Controverisal SF rapper plans nightmarish gay goth animal S&M music video

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MC Crumbsnatcher's recently released first music video is set to be followed by a second video shoot on October 15, timed to benefit from Halloween season. The video is themed "S&M gay bar in hell", and is meant to cross over with leather/animal costuming popular among a subset of the San Francisco furry community. It will feature a story about witches who abduct Crumbsnatcher's love interest, a penguin.

A series of videos are set to follow, including a shoot in Las Vegas for a wedding scene of a unique nature.

Following a post about the video on Flayrah, controversy was generated among commenters who criticized it as "filth", and argued that it was insufficiently labeled. ("Content warning: Video contains extremely graphic sexual language and suggestive dancing".)

The post's author, Patch Packrat, reports reacting with uncharacteristic hostility to a few critics, and apologizes to Perri Rhoades for personally attacking her in incredibly mean and unclassy ways above and beyond disagreement, due to personal stress and "triggering" that's better discussed with his therapist than on the Internet. He wishes peace and love to Perri and all members of Furry fandom, and recommends watching movies from John Waters (AKA "The Pope of Trash") to appreciate filth as ridiculous and fun to laugh at. He adds that MC Crumbsnatcher does not endorse any speech from independent individuals, and is too famous to have noticed the original post.

MC Crumbsnatcher responded to the first video's reception:

every day i get about 20 retweets and people who love it, and about 2 people who say things like "FUCK YOU MAN DON'T PUT THAT SHIT ON MY WALL!"

The video featured "a kid drifting off to sleep and waking up in a dream world full of furries". It was conceived as visually "cute" in non-diagetic contrast to its filthy lyrics. The production generated support after being announced over the Bay Area Furry list (BAF), where it enlisted performers including at least four fursuiters and many more in commonly available costumes. Four animal jammie costumes were donated by Bunnywarez. Participants included NeonBunny, promoter of Frolic (the largest monthly furry event in San Francisco, with average attendance of 200.) It was produced with filming by SmashWolf. A crew of around 30-some was rounded out by many from San Francisco's performance underground, including performers from "slam poetry / freestyle battle / psychotic erotic vaudeville showcase" Tourettes Without Regrets.

MC Crumbsnatcher's recently released first album (NSFW) of ribald homocore rap poises him to join performers famous for similar work such as Johnny McGovern. NeonBunny posted the following opinion of his artistic purpose to BAF. (The list's members include Shred, whose history as a central activist of the original queercore/homocore movement in the 1980's is reported here.)

The music is actually a convergence of two different genres. Queercore and Nerdcore.

Queercore came out of the punk scene in the 80's, and was a direct response to the anti-gay politics of the time. It's often pretty over the top, in your face, a statement that "yes, we are gay, and no we are not going to hide it".

Nerdcore comes out of the hip hop scene, and is more humorous than anything. An attempt by nerds to have fun while rapping about all kinds of subjects, from cereal to laptops.

So when you have these two put together, you are going to get something that is in your face. The goal here isn't that a gay person is conforming to a heterosexual society and making music, the goal for Crumbsnatcher is to make music that challenges the viewer/listeners conceptions of heteronormative society, while having fun at the same time. How the individual who listens to it takes it is up to the viewer, and can be interpreted different ways, such as the goal of any good form of art. One viewer may be offended, thinking gays are ok as long as they act straight in public and this video challenges that, another person may see a parallel with straight videos that are way more graphic than this but ok as it's the opposite sex, another may think that this is a push by artistic culture and society to accept LGBT people as the same as anyone else.

The October 15 video shoot announcement follows:

In the last video, we saw me as a kid drifting off to sleep and waking up in a dream world full of furries. I left with my penguin love, but according to my terrible acting, something horrible was about to happen. That's where this video comes in.

The song is "Why The Boys All Love Me." I just set it to FREE DOWNLOAD here -

The theme - Gay Goth S&M Bar in HELL. The video will start with my dear penguin getting kidnapped by witches and made to drink a mind erase potion. Everything will turn dark and my dream will become a nightmare.

You should come dressed as - A demon. A scary clown. A creepy awful crawly thing. A witchy person. A goth. A dominatrix. Something that looks like it just crawled out of the belly of the beast. Whatever thing you could imagine would creep up in a nightmare. Try to not wear any color. I want this shit to be hella black. The video should end up looking like Marilyn Manson in 1996 meets The Doom Generation meets Jim Rose circus in a gay bar.

STRONGLY ENCOURAGED - Bondage animal stuff. Like those creepy leather dog and pig masks. Since the first video was all furries, I would like to keep some level of continuity by having the kinky bondage version of them there, as if they had transformed. Also, As many devil horns and shit as we can get. I want it to be full of demons. Let's bring Satan back into hip hop.

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR - black angel wings. seriously folks. That's tacky. Also, like i said, try to not wear a lot of color or ANYTHING cute. Sexy, YES, cute, no.

Fake money. A giant fake cauldron. A fake gun that looks real.
I can get the fake money and the fake gun fairly easily, but if any of you have those things just laying around, lemme know. The giant cauldron is gonna be tough. Are any of you good sculptors?

Camera people. The more the merrier. Do you have a camera? Help us out!

FIRE DANCERS. Yes, fire dancers. not in the bar obviously, but i want to have a scene with fire dancers BAD. maybe out back.

If any of you want to do some sort of s&m performance or something, we can shoot that there as well and work it into the video. the basement is set up for a sling.

Also, if anyone wants to help out and donate some time and make up to make people look ghouish, that would be awesome. i also have like 13 tubes of fake blood at your disposal.

PLEASE just don't show up looking like you just fell over in the walgreens halloween aisle, or just in a black t shirt or something. I want this video to be full of high fashion goth drag queens, demons, dominatrixes, sexy leather angry looking s & m hunks, etc. Not a bunch of dorky teens trying to figure out how to do thier make up to make their awkward fitting foam costume.

I hope to see you there! October 15th.


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Looks like furries will be playing a more minor role in this piece, though I wouldn't be surprised to see a few out of fursuit.

The artist's Twitter account, filled with identical posts addressed to individual followers, suggests he has not yet gathered the concept of "one post, many readers". The more you spam, the more you dilute your message.

Oh, and speaking of creepy pig masks . . .

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When I read SF in the headline I think of SoFurry. It's kinda disappointing it's not about a furry musician, though maybe with what I understand of the content of the music that's not actually a bad thing.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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