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New MC Crumbsnatcher rap video gathers many subcultures

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… takes them to the dungeon, and does bad, bad things to them. If you thought VancouFur had an offensive theme, watch out! This one is truly NSFW, and best for those who appreciate wanton displays of licentious content.

The queer furry rapper's video, "Why the Boys All Love Me", follows an announcement for the making of a "nightmarish gay goth animal S&M" video at Halloween in San Francisco. It flaunts his mission to "put Satan back into hip-hop", and makes a sequel to a previous video featuring fursuiters. This time, Furry content is minimal, and indirectly limited to a few cameos and participation by dedicated furries who cross over between that group and others (such as the S&M fetish scene). Please consider it labeled that way up front, and view accordingly.

If you're looking for furry content, you don't need to watch this beyond the first few minutes.

Subcultures and fandoms are places where many currents meet. Let that be shown by the last line in this casual Facebook update, shared to friends of MC Crumbsnatcher to joke about his activities:

Dear Dudebro outside of DNA Pizza last night,

1. Yes, really. I was not dressed as a panda because I am a fan of sports.
2. Shut the fuck up about sports.
3. Look, you made that girl you were hitting on leave, because you wouldn't shut the fuck up about sports.
4. No, I am not impressed by the fact that James Hetfield said "ass" on TV.
5. Do not gawk in disbelief when I say that Re-Load was the last decent Metallica album. It is not my opinion, it is fact.
6. When someone tells you they know all the words to the first 8 Metallica albums, it is generally considered unimpressive to try to save face by singing Enter Sandman.
7. You should work on that face you get when you're butt hurt. Sad Charlie Brown scowl is unattractive at best.
8. That weird fist bump finger blast thing you did when you were walking away was mildly racist.
9. I'm a gay rapper in a panda suit and I'm more metal than you.

Familiarity with the location might give more insight about how subcultures connect, in an active place that's said to have the world's densest concentration of Furries. DNA Lounge is a notable San Francisco venue for metal, goth, and industrial shows, with a proprietor, Jamie Zawinski, who may be familiar to some furries who work in tech. (Unreliable gossip says his familiarity with furries is less than cordial; corrections welcome.) His efforts to battle prohibition-minded government regulations on night life (AKA "The War on Fun") bring to mind the struggle for any subculture to be accepted. Their pizza place is a destination for attendees of Frolic, the furry dance party where MC Crumbsnatcher has performed. Frolic happens nearby in the same night life district, at The Stud, a San Francisco gay culture institution since 1966.

Here's some photos from a DNA Lounge Halloween party, where fursuiting earned some surprised appreciation. (Jokes about Halloween being "Goth Christmas" led to wondering about the other kinds of Christmas; Pride is "Gay Christmas", and "Hippie Christmas" is when students move out and leave curbs full of free stuff. Is there such a thing as "Furry Christmas?")

"Why the Boys All Love Me" features a subset of furries who also participate in San Francisco's active S&M scene. That's not my thing, but I show up wearing a gas mask and a toilet seat in a few parts. (They made it impossible to see what was happening in a dark club, and may have caused unintentional slapstick.)

Direction, shooting, and post production were done by Jennifer Gigantino, who I know as a professional costume actor by day. Video services were provided by Smashwolf Productions and Studios. They're currently under construction for an ambitious new studio to serve Silicon Valley businesses and artists, with help from many investors.

Many future activities are planned to cross over these scenes, including fursuiter participation in an Easter parade hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a pro-hedonist, pro-free expression, satirical, queer street theater activism troupe of international fame.


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MC Crumsnatcher spends the entire video boasting about what's in his pants, yet comes off as painfully insecure.

Furries have their flaws, but at least they restrain themselves to competing on tail length/weight/count.

(Oh, and he's still doing that Twitter spam thing.)

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Nah, insecure doesnt fit him for real. :) Exaggerated boasting is the point! I dont mind it from a guy who jokes about being so small he's anorexic and shops at the kids section. And he's super nice in regular life, which makes lots of people help make his stuff. I'll send him a suggestion to do a song about how big his tail is. Honestly im just an enabler for this, haha- i dont listen to rap music at all and potty humor doesnt have replay value for me ( but who can deny the simple pleasure of a rubber turd prank?)

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@Green Reaper (I don't know how to do the whole quote thing on message boards) This is MC Crumbsnatcher. I don't normally respond to any good or bad feedback posted about me, because I want to stay neutral to the whole thing, but I wish to agree with you about how annoying the whole twitter spam thing is, because I'm in the middle of doing it right now. To be honest, I hate it, and I cringe with every tweet I send. I am also aware of the fact that it totally works, and that if i just post it on my wall once or twice instead of posting it to everyone's wall, it's the difference between 10 views and 5,000 views. Trust me, though, it's super boring, and I can't wait till the day that i get enough fans that the promotion does itself. As far as the big dick boasting thing goes, all my lyrics are meant to be over the top ridiculous gross out humor. I'm not trying to pretend I'm anything or represent anything in this project, I'm just trying to make fun music and music videos that make people laugh and are interesting to listen to and to watch. Okay, bedtime.

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Thanks for the reply! I do appreciate that it can work . . . and if it's what you need to do to succeed there, I guess I can't complain; after all, it's not like I'm watching to be bothered by it.

One of my friends told me that this is how that kind of music is meant to go - and of course, to entertain people, you have to give them what they want. Totally not my world, but that's OK - I'm content with computer-generated music & trance.

Sleep well! :-)

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