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Republican state lawmaker in Oklahoma calls for neutering children who are "furry" in defense of his proposed law

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Legislator Justin Humphrey of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives submitted a proposed bill (OK Bill 3084) which would indicate that a student identified as a furry would be removed from the classroom by their parents, or failing that, animal control.

Students who purport to be an imaginary animal or animal species, or who engage in anthropomorphic behavior commonly referred to as furries at school shall not be allowed to participate in school curriculum or activities. The parent or guardian of a student in violation of this section shall pick the student up from the school, or animal control services shall be contacted to remove the student.

This is another political act based on a rumor that started two years ago about cat litter being utilized by students 'pretending to be cats'. This is the second proposed law in Oklahoma to try and remove furry students from the classroom that also had the misuse of the terminology of “anthropomorphic behavior”. It is also the second year in a row that such a law has been proposed.

Double down and escalation

In a self recorded video, the representative doubled down on the legislation he penned. But even going a step further and called for the neutering of children who consider themselves ‘furry’.

People are going to call me insane for running this bill. Hell, I’d say they’re insane.

If you got an animal coming to school, how ‘bout we get them vaccinated? How ‘bout we get them neutered? And how ‘bout we send them to the pound?

I don’t wanna see some kid going to the bathroom inna litter box, inna kitty litter.

Those people up ‘dere lost their mind lettin’ these people pretend to be animals in the classroom. If they’re gonna be animals let’s send ‘em pound [sic], let’s send ‘em home.

How do you teach a cat math?
-Representative Humphrey defending the bill

Nobody should inform the Representative that human children are already vaccinated to attend public school in his state.

Just a joke, bro

Despite the initial doubling down rant, as news started to spread, one local news anchor indicated that the Representative did back pedal on his proposed law.

Okla. Rep. Justin Humphrey is already backpedaling on language in 2 of his bills filed yesterday. One bars students pretending to be animals ("furries") from schools & requires them to be picked up by a parent or "animal control." He said the animal control part was sarcasm.
Erin Christy, News 2 anchor (Tulsa)

It seems that the state of Oklahoma isn’t informing its lawmakers that legislation is not an appropriate venue for sarcasm. That’s more for an internet forum or comment section. To input joking into the law is to render the law itself a joke and it diminishes the office and institutions meant to enforce them.

This would especially true of sarcastic laws concerning the classroom, because we’ve heard that is unwanted there by pink bards of old named Floyd.

In the end though, this phenomenon of backpedaling from a position taken by claiming that it’s humor is a well documented defense mechanism of political operatives and biased (or it’s misspelling of ‘based’) individuals. It’s called being a Schrodinger’s Douchebag, the concept being inspired on the quantum physics theory on a hidden variable being seen as both true and untrue until evidence reveals it to be defined as one or the other.

Where in most cases a person making dark humor quips on the street could be successful in their obfuscation on their true intentions, the forum under which the alleged joke was made should be useful in understanding whether the person in question is or is not a douchebag. Given the alleged joke was made as a part of legislation, I think most would see that as a positive. The cat is dead.

Too bad no one got around to teaching it math.


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If the animal control part is a joke, the “shall not be allowed to participate in school curriculum or activities” still is!

They are basically barring children from an education they might need!

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still is not*

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Hey, wait a minute! You owe us money!

(Those email notifications, they get you every time!)

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Mail might work now, but I think there's also a bit of a backlog... this is what I get for trying to secure old code in a chroot.

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Furries taking the time to turn "anthropomorphic" into a basically a synonym for "furry", both inside and outside the fandom, and then dunking on people for not using the word in its original meaning is some high level trolling.

Sounds like it backfired; he tried to be the loud Trump-y guy and even most Oklahomans reaction is, "Jesus, you're still on about that? Nobody cares."

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Actually, looking at the guy's quote, he really messed up "how 'bout we get them vaccinated?"

Like, you forgot who you were audience was, there.

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Yeah, which is why I wanted him not to realize that kids are already vaccinated to go to school.

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I think dronon described this guy nicely in the newsbytes :p

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While I can empathise, I think it was inappropriate. The donkey is a symbol of the Democratic party, not the Republicans.

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Count on our chief editor to bring up the elephant in the room.

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Queerphobia with extra steps and fascism. (It's only a joke until it isn't)

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I am a furry not a queer.

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Ah, but there's nowt so queer as folk.

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You're straight well noted. Congrats on the choice.

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Based and straightpilled.

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so republicans DO support sexual reassignment surgery for children... but only if it's nonconsensual?
that tracks actually

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This is urgently needed. The furry subculture will hopefully then be a thing of the past and the internet can be a degree cleaner.
Additionally all the pets that would have been abused, will be spared painful bodily violation

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Kill yourself, child rapist.
You are a waste of oxygen.

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Yeah, because having a fun hobby is an issue in 2024. Who are you again?

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I am in agreement with the urgency. Many pets will live out their lives normally and won't have to suffer as many have, at the hands of this subculture.
Hotels will also no longer have to clean up after their gangbangs, which they call "conventions" either.
The internet will be by degrees cleaner, and those closeted CEOs and molecular biology doctorates can get on with working instead of fapping to animal dongs and shopping for Bad Dragon dildos on company time.

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Brother, you spent 3 hours spamming anti-fur comments on a furry newspaper. You call it all this crap and haven't even begun to link any evidence. Your case would be a lot stronger if you had any evidence to back it up. And, preferably, up to date info that we don't already know. We're a dynamic species, the past was already shunned by the modern generation.
Speaking of getting back to work, you should do the same instead of bitching about furries doing infinitely more than you could ever do.

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"A dynamic species?" What the hell?!? I thought we were all homo sapiens last I checked uh?
Correction- 13 minutes at most to add my opinion here. Not 3 hours. Ain't nobody got time like that.

Getting back to work? Oh yea... 'Murica, where you can't even take a toilet break at work or y'all be written up.

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Go back to 2007. You're not funny, witty, or clever, only annoying.

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This is why we should genocide weeaboos.

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And furries...

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