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Furry loses home to Moore, Oklahoma tornado

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Misoura RayMisora Rae lost her home in the recent Oklahoma tornado. It was one of many structures destroyed in the EF5 storm. She was fortunate to be at work with her mother at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Many local furs are gathering near a local Walmart to assist Misora in removal of what can be salvaged from the remains of the house.

If you are in the area and can assist, please contact Holly Fox who is coming up from Lawton to help on Friday and Saturday (May 24-25). Donations of items such as dog and cat food would be appreciated; most of her pets were found. An auction for a partial fursuit is also being held in her benefit. Contributions can also be made directly to misorarae @ via PayPal.

Misora is an avid fursuiter, fursuit maker and artist. You may know her from attending Furry Fiesta or Oklacon, or more recently as a track lead for Wild Nights. It might be hard to aid someone you don't know, but Misora is one of the giving furs of this area. Her home hosted monthly meets and the local bowling meet - the alley was also levelled.


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[comment removed on request]

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Hey there Skippy. I will get back with them. I know Misora does have a Pay Pal account for her art she sells if they is what you mean. I have contacted her and awaiting a reply. Thanks there very much.

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thanks again

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[comment removed on request]

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Sent some bucks. Thanks for a good writeup, the last paragraph makes it.

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Thank you for helping

Here you go

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Misora can not get to her Paypal right now, as she has no internet, but there are ways that you can still help, no matter where you are. There is a close local friend in contact with her who is serving as a drop-off point for supplies, mail, and funds. More info on my journal, where I collecting all the info I can find, and updating frequently:

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I already sent money to her PayPal account on the 23rd. right after getting the information about what her PayPal account was. Could anyone assist her in retrieving those funds from her PayPay?

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If she or a trusted friend could get online to order a debit card from them, that might work (though not sure where they'd send it to . . .).

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She has internet access now through family so all should be good. Thanks there Blackdawg

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