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Fangcon's circus moves to Knoxville; 'tens of thousands' to attend

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Fangcon 2 posterWelcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, Furries of all ages, you are invited to join us and our circus family for the second year of Fangcon, the greatest convention in Furry Fandom.

Our convention circus circuit has us at a new location, the Holiday Inn in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee! Start planning now and make those reservations for our Oct 31–Nov 4 long weekend. You need to get those front row seats now for the best viewing. You should also consider upgrading those memberships to our Sponsor and Super Sponsor levels. We will be adding perks as they come in and likely some secret ones too, to be given out at the con.

Under the Big Top

Part of the entertainment planned will be the popular Furry Drama Show, offering videos and staged acts of comedy, entertainment as well as musicians. You may submit your acts to them through their FA account.

The Freak Show

We are gathering up the most amazing and wondrous creatures that the world has to offer. You will gaze in astonishment at the truly bizarre we have found. Some of the people have lives that are beyond amazement. You may believe it or you may not!!! Note the extra exclamation points! We could not add those if this were not true.

Carnie games of skill

Test your wits, test your agility and see what you can do. We will be offering up a variety of games that you can win prizes at. Our games will have a low cost to you with proceeds to Tiger Haven with all sorts of prizes you can win!!!

For your amazement

Our schedule of events is posted now!! Not a week before the con, not days or even hours but months in advance. We dare to tread where no other con, furry or otherwise can dare to try, doing work in advance! Go ahead and take a look. If you wish to add your act to the fun and games, contact Draconis and Nightwolf (or whoever) and we will add your panel or event also, well in advance of the con.

Simply amazing!

Be a part of the excitement, be a part of the fun! Benji and Nightwolf will be looking for volunteers of course. When you register you can sign up and be one of our cast. Rub shoulders with some of the most talented Fursonalities in the fandom. One of this our Guest of Honor Artist Kyoht!! Watch her at Fangcon as she works the elements, totally unprotected!!! You can follow her work on FA or on her website.

Sell your wares!

We have a limited amount of tables left as the majority of the dealers will be returning this year. Once again, when you register for the con, you can sign up to be a dealer also. Tables will be going quick, so contact Shelby Allen and sign up now.

While the "official" dates are November 1–3, we will also be doing some fun stuff before the con on October 31st and after on November 4th. We'd love to have you join us. You'll be able to hang out with members of the Board of Directors and staff for some activities away from the hotel. Knoxville has tons of things to see and do so we're taking advantage of as much as we can

Fangcon, the Greatest Furry Con in the Fandom - nay, the World! As always please share this newsletter on your FA, LJ, your FB or local mailing list or newsletter. We hope to see you there!!!! <<<< See, even more exclamation points!

Flayrah has not verified the relative greatness or attendance of Fangcon, nor do we recommend the use of multiple exclamation points to gauge veracity.


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