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Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con 2022 - Memories from a Record Year

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Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con Since its debut in 2019, Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con (TTFC) has striven to create an atmosphere welcoming furries from around the world to Tulsa, OK each year. This year's theme, "Ren-Fur" was chosen in 2021 by attendees and staff during the closing ceremonies; influenced by renaissance stories, it included custom artwork and theming courtesy of TTFC Artist Guest of Honor Boltie.

Fursuit maker Guest of Honor Heads & Tails Studios worked closely with the convention and new official TTFC charity Animal Rescue Foundation of Bartlesville to produce charity auction items, such as two brand-new fursuit heads, one which was raffled for charity and the other that was auctioned off. The result of ARFs' charity fundraising was a convention-wide contribution of more than $16,000.

TTFC also had some notable moments, including an all-new dance competition and floor wars program that included one of THREE marriage proposals during the weekend. In addition, TTFC's programming included performances from Citrine Husky and many more! Barring the unexpected brief power outage during closing, TTFC was able to close out 2022 with a smile on everyone's face.

Convention stats

  • 48 U.S. States represented.
  • Five foreign countries represented.
  • 860 attendees
  • 225 fursuiters in the Fursuit Parade
  • $16,000+ raised for charity.
  • Largest Dealers Den / Artist Alley in the convention's history (50+ vendors)
  • SOLD-OUT room block 3 months before the con.
  • 2023 Theme: "Wild Wild West"
  • Planned 2023 dates: September 1-3, 2023.


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Thank you to the editors here who actually took the time to format my post. LOL. Another year gone by ya'll!

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We got to toot that horn to prove we were more successful than you know who.

Regardless of your sucess I would rather attend Free Fur All.

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They've posted their newsletters here for every year for the past three (convention holding) years, before FFA even started.

Therefore you are more than likely mistaken on intent and motivations:

2019 announcement:

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Hey Action, and you have every right to decide which event you wish to attend. Best of luck. As mentioned by Sonious, I have traditionally posted a post-con newsletter here for historical purposes. The point of this article is to help share with the community how we can come together and produce a successful and safe event. There were individuals at TTFC who indeed attended Free Fur All, and we didn't have any problems with that. If you think otherwise, you probably shouldn't be a patron on this website to begin with.

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I retract my previous comments to a point. I was comparing your post to comments on twitter.

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