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What The Fur releases information about 2014

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What The Fur has finally announced the dates and venue for their 2014 event. After some speculation about what was happening to the Canadian event, the release of information comes just before Christmas. The convention will be held in Montreal, Quebec from the 23rd to the 25th of May, 2014, and will be taking place at the Sheraton Montreal Airport.

This is the second move for the convention in the last two years, due to their previous location, the Delta Centre Ville, having closed three months following the 2013 event.

The convention has opened registration, starting at $45 CDN for regular memberships and $70 CDN for dealer spaces.

2014 will see the convention shine a spotlight on Ookami Kemono (Alex Cockburn) as their Guest of Honour [recently interviewed on Flayrah], and will be touting gears and top hats as their theme will be Steam Punk. What The Fur will also see the return of several favourite events, such as the Chocolate Social, Fursuit Hockey, and several other staples of furry conventions.

More information on the event and on registration costs can be found on their website.


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