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CyberConnect2, creator of 'Solatorobo', is recruiting staff for a new furry game

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CyberConnect2, a Japanese video game development studio best known outside the fandom for the .hack and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, is recruiting programmers, designers and artists for three new projects in its “Trilogy of Vengeance” as part of its 'Next Plan' strategy.

This trilogy is composed, as its name suggests, of three games themed around vengeance:

  • Tokyo Ogre Gate, a high-speed action game about schoolgirls in a historical/fantasy setting.
  • Cecile, a gory action game about Gothic Lolita witches trying to kill each other.
  • Fuga, an action strategy RPG with the additional themes of “War” and “Animals”.

Fuga will join such games as Solatorobo (Nintendo DS; Flayrah review) and Tail Concerto (PS1) as an instalment in the Little Tail Bronx series, focusing on what happens when children enter the battlefield. Its plot features eleven orphans, crewing a tank with a soul-fueled cannon – fighting the fascist Berman Empire, which attacked their village and imprisoned their parents.

Fuga promotional image

We've made the decision to announce our newest titles before they've even begun development. You may ask: "Why?"

It's because we want prospective creators to take a look at these new projects we have to offer, and possibly even help us bring these ideas to life. It's because we want to start once more from square one--with all of you.

It's rare for someone who's just joined a game company to immediately be put into an important position on a brand new project. After all, new staff members are usually assigned to already-in-place large projects, and then work their way up little by little.

However, this time, things are different. This time, we're trying to put short-development-time, small-budget projects into motion as a new system of game production. We are fully prepared to put someone with like-minded aspirations, skills, and experience to take on an important position right off the bat and serve as the backbone for one of our new projects.

The company has three studios, two in Japan and one in Canada, that are expected to work in all three projects at the same time:

  • Fukuoka: The main branch, and biggest in terms of employees, where new members and veterans work side by side.
  • Tokyo: A satellite branch meant to make the bonds with other members of the industry stronger.
  • Montreal: A hub of the highest-skilled individuals from all over the world who will, in turn, pass on their techniques to the Japanese studios.

Those interested may wish to read and apply for job openings in CyberConnect2's offices in Montreal, Canada or Fukuoka and Tokyo, Japan. Knowledge of the Unreal game engine and relevant conversational language skills in French and/or Japanese are highly recommended.


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But will be be full 3D, and not for babies? I really want that.

Well, I'll be...

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I doubt any game where you contemplate feeding a member of the underage crew into a cannon to power it will be 'for babies'.

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Another upcoming furry game that deserves someone writing a piece:

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thank you

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I...don't appreciate this game.

I know what you're about to say; "Oh, boy, here comes this new guy trying to start drama with bad faith arguments."

Children forced to participate in a war, the eldest is twelve while the youngest is four. Soul-devouring weaponry being powered by said child soldiers. Nazi-like army targeting a specific species. Bigotry and genocide. Forcing a ****ing nine-year-old to commit suicide later down the road if you, granted, don’t play your cards right. Twelve-year-old goes on a killing spree judging from a hidden cutscene if I understand correctly. Angst, angst, angst.'s mean and pointless. Jin would definitely be my favorite character if he wasn't written as the stereotype of the bigot trying to let go of his hate. Hello, Clint Eastwood!

Listen, there was a time where I was indeed just as gratuitous way back in high school as whoever wrote Fuga...but I’ve grown out of it. I no longer have to pander to the lowest common denominator with how "dark," "edgy," or "angsty" one can possibly be. That's the problem with much of today's media, I feel; it's all shock for the sake of either shock or making a cheap buck. I'm sorry, but Fuga may as well be Oscar-bait for furries. It's another maggot on the corpse that is "the sign o' the times" wherein demand for darker, edgier, grittier material has skyrocketed and hence dominated entertainment.

And before anyone asks, no, turn-based RPGs are not my cup of tea.

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