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Wyrmkeep Entertainment newsletter for July 2014

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The following is The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.’s newsletter for July 2014. Items of interest include the announcement of the title for the Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb sequel, a new funding drive for that sequel and a new online reseller for Quest for the Orb.

Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows, plus Funding DriveInherit the Earth

Our first announcement is that the sequel to Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb now has an official title, Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows.

The sequel takes place after both the original game and the webcomic story Little Wolf Lost. The Morph Tribes of the Known Lands continue their efforts to live with the loss of the Orb, which they used to predict the weather. There are rumors of the artifact’s survival, but none are credible. Even Rif, who feels some regret in not being able to retrieve the Orb, discounts these rumors. The arrival of a chieftess’ daughter, with a startling revelation, leads to Rif embarking on a new adventure to learn the truth – assuming he can avoid the doubts of friends, threats of foes, and the ravages of a great drought.

The second announcement is that we are launching a funding drive for the sequel's development via Kickstarter. This drive is currently ongoing. By becoming a backer, you can receive great rewards such a DRM-free copy of the completed game, the soundtrack album, a book of art, prints and posters, your name in the game's credits and even your avatar appearing in the game!

Oh, tell your friends about this funding drive too!


We have a new online reseller for Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb -! You can purchase downloadable versions of the game for Window, Mac and (soon) Linux. Also, is only place where the German Windows version of Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb can be purchased at this time.


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