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Trailer: 'Lackadaisy' Season 1 teaser

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Lackadaisy, from Iron Circus animation, based on the webcomic by Tracy J. Butler, has put out a teaser trailer for a first season of episodes. This season of episodes will be crowdfunded through BackerKit, which has currently reached the million dollar total donations mark, which is enough to fund the full goal of five episodes.

The comic Lackadaisy (sometimes known as Lackadaisy Cats) tells the story of the titular speakeasy in a fictionalized version of St. Louis, Missouri during the Prohibition Era of United States history. The cast is comprised entirely of fictional cats, so it is furry. The crowdfunding campaign is prominently mentioning it's 2011 nomination for an Eisner Award in the category for Best Digital Comic, but it also has won the Ursa Major Award for Best Graphic Story. A pilot episode of the show was released earlier this year to YouTube.

YouTube has recently become a haven for high-quality indepedent "adult" animation, with SpindleHorse's Helluva Boss series best known to furries (if not period), though less furry series such as Glitch Production's Murder Drones have also garnered large audiences. Lackadaisy's crowdfunding site has not actually confirmed if the show will remain on YouTube beyond the pilot, but examples such as Helluva Boss and Murder Drones show that YouTube may be the best option to remain truly indepedent.


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I honestly tried to like the Lackadaisy animation, but the voices were so darn _foreign_. A weird combination of vintage mickey-mouse squeak and heavy yank accents that really distracted me from a story which (to be fair) I already knew. Should be interesting to see how successful they are long term, hopefully they will do well.

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