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Megaplex Room Block

Well, Megaplex is coming soon, and the room block is filling up! The deadline is the 10th of February to get your room now at the Megaplex rate.

The hotel will not extend this, as they expect to sell out the rooms for this time of year. After the 10th, the possibility of getting a room will be slim. Right now, the rooms are going for $99.00 a night + taxes under the Megaplex rate.

Are you interested in a bigger room? We do have 1 bedroom suites available to upgrade to in our room block as well. Contact The Sheraton hotel at (800) 327-0363, and remember to use reservation code MEGAPLEX.

Also the 10th is the deadline for pre-reg, so get your registration in now, and save $10.00 online! Go to our website at for more info, and see you in March!


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