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Major furry storage facility suffers downtime, data loss

Edited as of Sun 27 Dec 2009 - 08:51
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Update: The Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, and for the Furry Costume Information Exchange have been restored.

A RAID storage facility holding data and code for several furry sites has failed, leading to downtime and uncertainty over their recovery.[1]

Sites known to be affected center around the Florida Furs, and include the Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, the Furry Costume Information Exchange (hosting the FURSUIT mailing list and an archive of fursuit-related stories), JR's Poinkcasts (also available elsewhere),[2] and resources for furry ham radio enthusiasts.

IRC server is also affected. As it was the provider of IRC services for the Anthrochat network, channel and nickname registrations may be lost. The network itself remains online, and a temporary replacement is in place on another server.

According to server administrator Yappy Slyfox, no separate backup had been taken, as the design was meant to ensure security of the data. Recovery operations are in progress at the hosting data center.

Update - April 30

Data recovery on the affected array has recovered major portions of the web sites for the Funday PawPet Show, Megaplex, and for the Furry Costume Information Exchange. Image and video archives for these sites are still not yet fully available, however the textual data content for the sites is mostly intact and has been restored to each domain. The respective web sites:,, and are back online.[3][4]

Update - May 5

The Funday Pawpet Show art jam archives, chat logs and all other remaining damaged areas have been restored. The web site is now fully recovered/restored and online.[5]


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