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Animation: The legend of 'The Legend of Tembo'

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The Legend of TemboHave you ever heard of The Legend of Tembo? It was a new animation feature, the first from a new CGI studio in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Tradition Studios, created by another new company, Digital Domain, to be finished and released during 2014.

In 2009, Digital Domain Media Group received incentive grants worth nearly $70 million from the state and Port St. Lucie to build an approximately 120,000-square-foot, $40 million digital production studio in Tradition. The studio is expected to be complete in December. (2011 press release)

Tradition hired Disney veterans Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams to direct it. During 2011 and the beginning of 2012, Digital Domain put out a slew of press releases to describe it.

Florida passes bestiality bill; awaits Gov's signature

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A long-standing issue regarding the potential legality of bestiality in Florida is expected to be put to ease soon with the governor's signature.

Animal abuse cases have been known in Florida; many may have seen a story where a blind man named Alan Yoder, known as Jayren in the furry fandom, admitted performing sex acts with his guide dog — although in that case, the lack of a specific law did not prevent him being charged with felony animal cruelty.

Senate Bill 344 (full text), which makes acts of bestiality a first class misdemeanor, passed the House Wednesday at 115-0 and awaits Governor Rick Scott's signature before becoming law. If signed, it becomes effective October 1. The Senate bill previously passed on a vote of 38-0.

Update (May 7): Noted the identity of the man sparking the case, provided by rodox_video.

High school fur 'plotted murders' over 'animal cruelty'

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Black FoxNathaniel Zeno, 16 (also known as Black Fox) was charged last Wednesday with solicitation to commit murder after Seminole High School staff noticed him making a suspiciously-marked map of the school. [Markos/FNN]

Nathaniel had reportedly been reading from a book about the Columbine massacre and had tried to solicit help from fellow students. Police say he was targeting those with "a history of being cruel or neglectful to animals."

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