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High school fur 'plotted murders' over 'animal cruelty'

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Black FoxNathaniel Zeno, 16 (also known as Black Fox) was charged last Wednesday with solicitation to commit murder after Seminole High School staff noticed him making a suspiciously-marked map of the school. [Markos/FNN]

Nathaniel had reportedly been reading from a book about the Columbine massacre and had tried to solicit help from fellow students. Police say he was targeting those with "a history of being cruel or neglectful to animals."

More coverage: Daily Mail - LargoPatch - 10 News/WTSP - 13 News

Nathaniel's deviantART gallery has a number of furry and Left for Dead 2 fan characters holding guns. In a journal, he mentions his fear of going to jail while apparently admitting to his plan:

I planned to shoot up my school and was caught while marking a map. I might be going to jail and I'm terrified. This isn't a joke.

Nathaniel refused to talk to school officials about his map, but their investigation resulted in several students coming forward, leading to his charge. He is being held in the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center.


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The Columbine shooting gave a lot of gamers (especially in the Doom and Quake communities, and including myself) the same kind of negative media portrayal that some furries perceive is aimed at us. Only worse, because of the solid threats of litigation and regulation on the gaming industry.

Few stories disgust me like this one does, but I'm glad the potential tragedy (if the kid truly was batty enough to eventually do something) was prevented.

I know some furries may feel closer to animals than other human beings, but human lives should come first.

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With gamers at least, most younger people have played some games and are likely to know people who are heavily into the gamer culture (although less so a decade ago). It helps that such gamer culture is pretty out in the open, in the sense it is easier to notice the more boring and less extreme members. With furries, people don't have much of a reference to actual furries, and probably more likely to hear about it from some other secondary source. Or if they do actually notice and remember a furry they knew in person, there is a good chance it was because of them being obnoxious or otherwise standing-out.

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Nothing says you're against cruelty to animals, then the slaughter of the animals you go to school with. Hoorah hypocrisy.

At least he doesn't have to worry about tone thing, PETA will probably help pay for his defense.

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Also, nothing helps communicate your cause better than making people associate it with craziness and irrationality. It makes the job harder for those with a more practical approach and understanding of how to get support for a cause so that things actually get done.

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Too much violence and alternate reality? Not enough empathy?

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Come on Law&Order: SVU!

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Dear God and Goddess! Shooting? Does he fancy himself the furry Erick/Dylan?

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uhm, heres my opinion: i aint got the heart to kill somebody for their hurting of an animal, its not in me. as for letting them know what the animals feel while being abused, im all for it, as long as it doesnt involve killing. (so if my dog is kicked, ill kick the abuser back).

any type of school shooting is fucked up. any shooting (besides zombies) is fucked up. (besides, how does he know whos had the history of neglecting animals? o_O)

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Little shit gets whatever's coming to him. And that's all I have to say about that.

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Damn, could've been pretty cool to get to say "Furries did Columbine 2". Oh well. Next time.

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Although, you do realize that this would not be 'Columbine 2', right?
There have been a decent number of school shootings since then, with a few, such as Virginia Tech, showing equal or greater tolls of lives and injuries.
But to even suggest something like that, and your statement of 'maybe next time', shows a callous lack or respect towards those involved in any incident of this sort.

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Damn, that would have been some nasty backlash. Glad the idiot got caught!

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Awww, I could've written this. I didn't cause it was on FNN ( and they mirror our stories so I thought it'd be silly to rewrite theirs for here. Oh well.

I wonder if people will be upset when the next CSI shows furries plotting to kill people. This isn't the first case after all. Actually there a few court cases with furries. :/

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Flayrah reaches many readers that FNN does not. Their mirroring is selective, too, so it wouldn't show up as a duplicate.

Not all FNN content is suitable for Flayrah, but when it is, rewriting and [citing] as above is fine. (Link their sources, too.)

As for the story, it's sad, but furries are people too - sometimes young, angry people.

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Idiot. That's all I have to say: idiot.

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I'm not going to say that what he considered doing was right, but I wouldn't look down on him for it either.

I read a story recently of a woman who left a dead puppy with a note attached to it at a vet's office. The note detailed essentially that her son and his friend had put the dog in a fucking microwave. The bitch was too scared to sign her name on the note.

I know from a technical assistant at the vet's office, who found the dog, would have stuck a microwave over the kid's head and turned it on.

Is it right? Of course not. Would I see the assistant as a terrible person for doing it? No.

Animal abusers get what they deserve. I believe that terrible people should have what they did to their victims inflicted back upon them, ten fold. Either in this world or another world.

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The thing is, how do we even know that the people this guy labeled as "animal abusers" really were such? There are animal-rights extremists out there who often see "abuse" that isn't there at all. This guy should have confronted the suspected abusers or reported them instead of jumping right to the sick conclusion that they must die.

I, on the other hand, WOULD see people as terrible for plotting murders over something like this. It makes them WORSE than the animal abusers. They are quick to judge death upon others and resort to irrational, poorly thought out actions that can often directly hurt people who weren't even involved. If Nathaniel had succeeded in his plot, everyone who would be forced to witness the shooting would be terrified by the sight and scarred for life. The parents of the targets would be in endless despair that their kids were slaughtered over something that could have been stopped PEACEFULLY. Nathaniel's parents would suffer the most, knowing that their own kid caused such bloodshed and suffering. Abuse can be healed...death can not.

Since he was stopped before he could act, hopefully he will take this chance to redeem himself and learn not to let his anger consume him in such a way.

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I'm with you - I've heard some horrible stuff about people abusing and brutally killing animals, and I think the people who committed those actions deserve to have the karma police come and fuck them up royally. I think a school shooting was definitely the wrong way to fix the problem, but I understand the kid's motives. Some of the things I've heard are just so horrific, you can't help but react with outright rage. Syndath has a point in that we do not know to what extent these people were abusing animals, but if these students he was targeting were committing extreme, cruel, and vicious acts like that, I wouldn't be furious at the kid. I'd understand his anger, i'd just be disappointed that he decided to take it this far.

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That guy is just nuts.

I do admit that if someone was going to hurt a cat in front of me, I would make the fucker pay. That would be my real-time reaction. But PLOTTING to MURDER someone YOU DO NOT KNOW, in the future... that's just not right.

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We could have lenghty discussions about when violence is appropriate but on nonlethally stopping something you know is happening, I'm with you.

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I thought this sounded familiar. This guy (who was posing as a 23-year-old girl and pretty much lying about his entire life) had an account elsewhere and I remembered him saying something about getting caught in a school shooting plot. The thing that bothers me is that most of the other furries there are saying that he doesn't deserve to go to jail. If he wasn't a furry I bet they'd be saying otherwise...

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Proof or it didn't happen.

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Wish granted. He's the owner of this profile right here.

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Pussy probably wouldn't of done it anyway


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I would have liked to see the media's reaction if he did this. Plenty of lulzy fur bashing!


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Get the fuck out, MeepSheep, and stop trolling WikiFur.

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Meepsheep is Derek R. Anderson of Aurora, Colorado, a 4chan regular who engages in illegal behavior on the internet

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Thanks for the tip. Since you posted it anonymously, please understand that we have to take it with a grain of salt. For all we know, this Derek R. Anderson could be someone who has been targeted for harassment by making posts such as this one.

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that shows how lazy and stupid you are. google meepsheep derek anderson. yeah sure he is a targertlololol

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Man these posts have happened 2 years ago and even I didn't remember them, let it go.

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This man is not a terrorist, he is a hero.
About time someone would stand up for the animals. And yes, that is the only reason I support this.

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Biology 101 tells me that humans are also animals.

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True, but humans don't even consider themselves animals.
Humans keep other animals in captivity, threat them badly, kill them just to throw the food they give away.
The other animals need to be protected from our sick species.
There is no animal as sick as humans.
We slaughter animals without taking their pain away (halal) for "religious" reasons.
Humans are sick.
I still believe this man is a hero.
Nobody is going to convince me otherwise.

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Great April Fool's joke, there.

Well, either that or you're a fucking asshole misanthrope.

Did your mother ever take antibiotics while she was pregnant with you? Those were almost certainly tested on animals. Maybe she should have abstained out of principle, then we might not have to put up with you today.

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Oh cool, let's skip right to the insulting part because of a lack of arguments.
Being born has nothing to do with this. I couldn't choose that. And even then, I still believe those antibiotics should have been tested on humans and not on animals. If we, as humans, need something, we should suffer for it. Not the animals that have done nothing wrong.
And yes, I am a misanthrope, for various reasons (which are none of your business, btw).

Well, I still see him as a hero, and such pointless comments help a lot to show me again why.
Have a nice day.

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You ask for people to give arguments and discussion, but say:

Nobody is going to convince me otherwise.

That is not showing a desire to listen to discussion, that is only showing a desire to have others hear your thoughts. Maybe you would get more actual discussion and less insults if you gave people a reason to think there would be a point to actually putting thought into responses, especially if you are taking such a negative stance that can easily be construed by some as the instigation of insults.

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So you're saying because humans say they aren't animals it makes them so?

You dislike humans having power, but I think you saying that if they say the sky is red then the sky is indeed red is truly giving them more power then they truly have.

The slaughtering on innocent animals is truly sick, and as such yes humans truly are sick. Particularly humans that would slaughter a random group of animals in a school building because he believes they are not innocent, but seeings as they are young animals who probably haven't even been involved in such actions he accuses them of and they could very well be innocent of the crime he had charged. Therefore, if he had committed to such action would he not too be subject to the death penalty which he had placed upon others for committing the very action he deemed detestable?

Truly hypocrisy is humanity's true disease.

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*gives Sonious a standing ovation.*

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5 star'd that comment.
I have no comeback here.
Well said, Sonious, well said.
And thank you for your valuable posts.

I am aware that my posts aren't objective at all, and that I have a lot of space left to improve, as soon as I can enable myself to let go of this hate. Your posts, however, are truthful, objective and intellectual and I salute you for this.

Thanks for taking the time to answer to my posts and allowing me to take another perspective as well. Looks like I tend to generalize humans for the terrible stuff you hear about (and the good stuff that is never broadcast).

Again, thank you for your patience and well-explained opinion. It was somewhat of an eye-opener.

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Not only did he stand up for animals, he also took several steps backward from helping animals. Even if he succeeded in his plots, he might have stopped a small handful of people from ever harming other animals again. But how many people have seen this in the news, and see this as a reason to discredit, distance, or otherwise ignore other causes for animals? Stuff like this is short-sighted gains, but a long term loss.

Regardless of one's stance on the morality of such acts, if you are actually want to help the animals, and have the slightest forethought about how to communicate with people and spread a cause, you wouldn't support this. Otherwise you are just a potential impediment to those actually helping animals.

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Go back to

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get the fuck out of here TLP you fucking retarded omnicrox misanthrope

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No. This isn't 4chan. If you want to be Anon all the time and think you can troll well, go back to 4chan and stay away from flayrah. If you don't agree with my opinion, fine. Everyone is entitled to have his own and I have nothing against a good discussion at times, but I am absolutely not moved by mindless insults so no, I won't get out of here. Have a nice day.

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