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MFM July Newsletter

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Mephit FurMeet 2002 is only 39 days away! August 30th - September 1st (September 2nd is Labor Day and a "hang out" day) There's a lot of things new and exciting, as well as a few reminders.AUTHOR P.C. CAST CONFIRMED TO ATTEND MFM 2002
We're proud to announce that fantasy author P.C. Cast has confirmed that she
will be attending Mephit FurMeet 2002. Author of the novels _Goddess by
Mistake_ and _Tears of the Mermaid_, Ms. Cast will be part of our exciting
Writing Track and will be leading workshops related to the art of the story.
On the web:

Also our Guest Of Honor Ryngs Raccoon aka The March Hare will be once again
bringig his brand of havoc to the meet. He will be doing several very
informative art panels.

It's not too late to register for MFM and save $5 in the process. Just go
to our website, where you can sign up and even pay conveniently by credit
card. Remember, the registration fee will be $40 at the door this year and
will be cash or check at the door. Sorry no credit cards at the door. (there
is an atm across the street)

The deadline for submitting your entry into the Mephit FurMeet T-shirt
contest will be July 24, 2002. C'mon furs, get those pencils and pens into
gear and show us what you've got! The winner will receive a free admission
to Mephit FurMeet!
For details, please see our website.

We are still looking for a few good pieces of art for the MFM guide. Also
there's still space available to advertise your event/book/service in
ourProgram Book.
Inside the book:
$40 for a full page
$25 for a half page
$15 for a quarter page
Cover Ads (Full page only)
$50 inside covers
Advertisements should be in black & white or grayscale. Ads can be either
emailed or sent by postal service. Payment for advertisements should be
remitted to our main address. For more information about advertising in the
con book, please email us at


FWP's (Furs With Puppets)
The track is comming along nicely. We have panels planned that will cover
puppet construction, puppet preformance, a look " behind the stage", a open
call puppet show and more. If you are intrested in giving a panel,
preforming in the show or have any questions please contact BJ at

Cutter McCoy is planning quite a few things for this years gaming track but
he needs your input! He would like to know what people will be wanting to
play. Also he needs to hear anyone interested in refereeing. We will be
doing table RPG's, card gaming as well as LARP if a group of furs can be
rounded up that are interested.To contact Cutter with your input email him

This year will be featured panels related to exploring and discussing
various aspects of furry spirituality, including what exactly it is to each
of us, and doing some practical exercises to contact our 'inner furry'. Join
us in this exploration! One of the things being planned is a "Totem Walk" If
you would like to contribute as a panelist email Blackfeather Tanfur at:

Grey Muzzle
Whelplings need not apply. MFM is proud to present programming dedicated to
members of our fandom over the age of 35. Some of the things planned is the
traditional Grey Muzzle Coffee and also a discussion panel. If you would
like more info or would like to help contact Innerwolf at:

Once again at MFM, PandaGuy will be heading up the Fursuiting Track and he
has a lot of awesome things planned this year including: fursuiter
icebreaker, fursuit parade and photo op session, fursuit construction panels
from basic to advanced and the fisrt ever MFM Fursuit Games on Saturday
evening! Like to help out or have questions? Email PandaGuy at:

OldFreek is heading up this years Art Track and has some neat panels planned
but he still has room for more! Things that are going to be covered are
painting, drawing, inking. Email him at

An art form where your medium is words and your canvas is your readers'
imaginations. This track will discuss furry in literature both historical
and contemporary. Also discussed will be how to incorporate anthropomorphics
in writing and what skills and talents are required. A getting-started
workshop is planned along with a round robin writer's table (for fun.)
Shockwave has a lot planned! Questions? Like to help? Email him at:

Want to do something that doesn't fall into our tracks? We love new
things!!! Email Delphinios our Programming Head at

We're also pleased to welcome our founder Growltiger back to MFM staff!!!!
The Cat that started it all returns! Growlie will be assisting by preparing
information about local restaurants and attractions.

We're also pleased to announce that we will once again have the 5 gallon
tubs of ice cream during our Ice Cream Social this year. (Yaaay! :)

This is where it all started! MFM will once again have is Pizza Feed! :) To
commemorate that this is the Pizza Party that got out of hand!

This year we are doing something different. To thank everyone for coming to
this years MFM we will be having a $5 all you can eat buffet on Sunday after
closing ceremonies. Fried chicken mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Limited rooms are still available at the Mephit FurMeet hotel, the Holiday
Inn Select Memphis Airport.

The special Mephit Fur Meet rate is $89 per night for 1-4 people in the
room. Rooms are available with one king size bed or 2 double beds and your
choice of either smoking or nonsmoking. The layout of the hotel is perfect
for MFM with the main level being on the 3rd floor of the hotel allowing
everyone to be either on the main level or not more than 2 floors up or
down. So it makes getting to panels, socializing in the Garden Court (a huge
atrium area of the hotel) or fursuiting a breeze.

As just mentioned, we will have the Garden Court for the majority of the
weekend. (We are allowing a wedding to borrow it from us for a couple hours
Saturday afternoon. What would MFM be without a wedding?)

To confirm your reservation, have the lead name for who the room will be
registered in (if you know your roomies, that is great, we will be happy to
add their names to the room) the dates you will be staying and a credit card
number to hold the room (nothing will be charged to the card unless the room
is canceled less than 24 hours before arrival) All reservations need to be
either emailed to or called into UNIGLOBE
Professional Travel at 800-653-6524. We are trying to coordinate all
reservations through one source again this year to make it easy for
everyone. (There is no additional charge to book your reservation through
the agency)

So don't delay! Act now! Supplies are ru. ahem. Rooms are going fast, so
don't delay in making your reservations!

We are featuring ride and room sharing boards on the MFM website, for anyone
needing help getting or staying here. If you've got a ride or a room to
share, this is the place for you as well.

From Quasi Skunk:
Psssst...Wanna see MFM for....FREE?

If the answer is yes, then all you have to do is help us run it! MFM needs
volunteers to help with it's many panels, activities, and operations. By
working just a few hours over the length of the Meet, you can earn either a
roll-over membership for next year's Meet, or, if the Meet has enough extra
cash after all is over, you may opt for a refund (so you don't have to sell
your new art for gas money!). 15 hours of logged time will get our
volunteers a free pass.

The MFM staff will need help with the following: Registration, Security,
Dealer's Den set-up and removal, computer room set-up Auction, clean-up, and
other NiRTS areas (Need it Right This Second). You don't have to work in one
place; you can pick where you'd like to help, providing that there is need.

Oh, did I mention Overtime? You can earn time and a half for helping initial
set-up and teardown Thursday and Monday. So, for every 1 hour you work those
days, you earn 1.5 hours!

And if you don't work enough hours to make a comped membership, by working
at least 6 hours, we'll still thank you with something special. But the Fur
with the most hours worked will receive a hearty pawshake, a slap on the
back, and the Joy of knowing that Staff really appreciated the work. Oh, and
something REALLY super spiffy to take home with you too!

I promise that gophers and help staff will have plenty of time to enjoy the
Meet! Email Quasi if you are interested at:

As you may or may not know, Tiger Haven is a sanctuary and rescue facility
for big cats, much like an animal shelter for dogs and house cats - except
that we are a "no kill" facility. They are a privately run, non-profit
organization that is dedicated to taking care of big cat's that have been
abused, confiscated by authorities or abandoned.

Currently, Tiger Haven is caring for 65 cats, each one costing approximately
$1,600 per month to feed. That's $104,000 per month in food expenses alone.
When you add $5,000 in utilities and $3000+ in veterinary fees per month,
you can understand why they continue to seek funding from new sources.
Each year, the Mephit Fur Meet holds a charity auction to raise money for
the Tiger Haven sanctuary. Last year, over $6000 was raised. Although this
is a drop in the bucket, the Mephit Fur Meet is proud to put this small
effort towards helping with the greater whole that is Tiger Haven.

In order for us to raise money at this auction, we require donations of
saleable items. These items may be anything from a simple T-shirt or plushy
up to practically anything you can desire donate. Since Tiger Haven is a
501(c)(3) organization, any item you wish to donate will be considered tax

If you are interested in joining us in this year's Charity Auction, then
please simply reply to
Please keep in mind that, if possible, I will need all donations by the end
of July in order to properly inventory all items in time for the auction on
Aug 31, 2002.

Due to the unfortunate events that occurred over Memorial Day weekend,
Interstate 40 will be inaccessible through eastern Oklahoma/western Arkansas
during the event. We'll be providing information on detours soon.

Everyone is asked to stay in control at MFM. All laws; federal, state and
local, remain in effect during the event (including but not limited to
assault, intimidation, weapons, drugs and indecent exposure).

Well, that's it, y'all. Keep your eyes tuned for further MFM announcements
as the time gets closer. Same fuzzy time, same fuzzy channel.

PO BOX 6001
SAINT LOUIS, MO 63139-0001
Email: info (((at))) mephitfurmeet (((dot))) net

Mephit FurMeet 2002 is sponsored by the Mid-South and Tennessee
Anthropomorphic Arts Association. The MST3A is a non-profit organization,
created to foster and promote the appreciation of anthropomorphic arts,
literature and culture.
On the web at


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