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Mephit FurMeet

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Due to last minute planning, I'll be attending Mephit FurMeet this coming weekend. This will be my fourth year at the Meet, though I didn't attend last year. As far as relaxacons go, this one is pretty good. Who else is going, what's your favorite Memphis restaurant, and are you bringing money to pre-register for Midwest FurFest? (blatant plug alert). Look for me hanging around behind the FurFest table, and introduce yourself!


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Hands down, the best restaurant to visit while in Memphis is Corky's Barbecue. Great barbecue (though not the NC BBQ I've come to love), good potables, and good ambience. Prices are good too. It's on Poplar Avenue, a few miles west of the former MFM hotel.

Oh, and for those who have made it a habit of visiting Outback Steakhouse at various conventions, the closest one is just 9 miles away in Southaven, MS. As long as you have a car, it's easy to get to. Do not try to go to the location listed on Winchester Road in Memphis - it has been closed for a while now.

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I think I've been to Corky's every year I've gone to Mephit. Very good food, though the wait is usually very long.

And two years ago, I had a memorable dinner with Kagemushi at an Outback Steakhouse...he consumed a couple of those really large frozen margaritas, and was still amusing. Or maybe more amusing. ;)

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At my first Mephit, I was with a group who tried to go to Corky's, but was beaten back by the crowds. We ended up going to a BBQ place called the Pig 'N Whistle on Winchester near Nonconnah, which was excellent and relatively quiet. The ribs were good enough that we did it again last year. I should probably try to get into Corky's this time so I have a basis for comparison, though.

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