I love space and physics,
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I work at Barnes and Noble to support my music composing hobby.

Wow there's a lot. My life is starting to get a lot more fair and peaceful as my home environment is less evil and hostile towards my sexual orientation. I'm gay af but I still love my transgender girlfriend infinity. I'm sixteen and I'm male but prefer feminine aspects like shaving all but scalp hair and feminine dimensions and smelling wonderful and being very very clean (and I absolutly mean everywhere), sooo... femboy? I'm not truly sure about it but I love being refered to with female pronouns while also thought of as a boy. It's tough and sounds like bull but it's true TwT, I really do just prefer that. I'm engaged to my boyfriend and girlfriend, my boyfriend's fursona is a wolf named tundra and my girlfriend's fursona is a protogen named proxy, she has another one that I think is a yellow panther but I haven't viewed many references to her. I won't talk about how I grew up in detail because it's very depressing to dive into and definitely too long. I love expressing myself, from a very early age I've always felt soft and cutesy and it got me in trouble (I mean trouble like people's displeasure, not rully or legal trouble) and I didn't understand why it drew people away from me and I don't think those kids did either. So because of me not understanding why people didn't like me so I payed very close attention to body language and expressions and emotions and actions and tones throughout my lifetime. I did it without realizing it wasn't something others gave enough of a fluff to care about practicing themselves. So, it's hard to hide things from me, I can tell very quickly when something is off and I value how others feel way too much to miss it, but I give more benefit of doubt to those I have trusting history with, like my furry friends! Without them I would be very lost in life. I'm a very fun person and I believe based off of my friends reactions that I'm very enjoyable. I love affection very much and any sort makes me very very happy and I do need it to feel loved so I'm a bit needy. I only don't want it when it makes someone uncomfortable but I do have a sort of meter for how much I need per 1-3 day period. I am astoundingly furry and enjoy being talked to like you'd talk to your dog but if she understood what you were saying. I do not mean that a 100% furry would be like that, I just mean it makes me feel respected. I'm weird like that but again, it's true. I only trust being validated and accepted while expressing this with other kind furries. That should be enough to explain my biography. Thank you for reading this far and I hope you're having a nice day as well as continue to have one! You're amazing, and your feelings and emotions are real and you aren't wrong for feeling them, you feel them and they exist, so that's valid!

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if you'd like to gain communication with me my outlook email is
that's the best way you can contact me currently. do not abuse this advantage please, I'm a really good person to have by your side so don't give me any good reason not to be.


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