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Ryan Cook/???? ???/??? ?/????;???? Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Real name: Ryan Caratao Cook
Username: AzureParagon
Art & Photo Alias: R.C/Azure
Author Alias: A.P Drake
Audio Alias: Dracoscendo/DJ Dracogon
Arcade Alias: AEP

~Real Life STATS
•Name: Ryan Cook (also my actual artist name, acronym being R.C)
•Weight: Varied
•Current Height: 5'6"
•Birthdate: January 2, 1993
•Blood Type: O+
•Zodiac (As of 1993): Capricorn
•Gemstone: Garnet
•Chinese Zodiac Animal: Monkey
•Nationalities: 35% Scottish, 25% Malay, 25% Indonesian (Which makes up to being 50% Asian/Phillipino), 10% German, and 5% French
•Artist type: Scape (mainly), Character, Scaly/Furry, Chinese, Surreal, Photos, etc.
•Conditions: Asperger's Syndrome, left handed.
?Favorite RL/Myth Animal: Turtle/Dragon
?Innate Family Element: Fire
?Favorite Color of all time: Amethyst
?Favorite Genre of Music: Trance (of all kinds)
?Hobbies: Art, Video Games, Mixing/Matching music, Writing (via Keyboard), and swimming.
?Favorite country: Australia, Japan, and Canada
?Preferred style: Gothic
?Preferred fashion: Camo, Cowboy, and Muscle Tee
?Favorite Nationality: Japanese, Phillipino, and British
?Favorite franchise of all time: The Legend of Zelda
?Favorite art style: Impressionism, watercolor, anime, goth, and dark/macabre (gore is not mandatory).
?Most self-interested language outside of English: Japanese, Finnish, and Gaelic
?Preferred Military Branch (if ever asked): Army & Air-Force
?Places desired to live in: Vancouver, Canada; Sydney, Australia; & Okinawa, Japan
?Favorite decade era: 1990s
?Favorite generation of gaming: 6th (1998-2005+)
?Most loved concept style of fantasy: Sky pirates, castles in the sky, and steampunk-style setting with original terminology for myth and creatures.
?Favorite weapon: Scythe and spear
?Preferred Religion: Paganism and Buddhism
?Sexual orientation: Gay
?Favorite type of dragons: Western, anthropomorphic, muscular, male+gay, and militaristic.
?Favorite year in his life: 2002

0. Lunar Eclipse = Dark Azure (Feral/Anthro)
1. New Moon = ? Azure
2. Waxing Crescent = Azure I
3. First Quarter = Azure II
4. Waxing Gibbous = Prince Azure
5. Full Moon = Angelic Azure
6. Waning Gibbous = Phazon Azure
7. Third Quarter = Mako Azure
8. Waning Crescent = Azure III (Final/Eternal/Great Azure)
? Penumbra = ? Azure (SL)
? Antumbra = Moonwing Azure (SL)
? Umbra = Neo Azure (SL)

Azure Enigma Paragon (Literal English translation: "Prime existence of an unknown heaven" or in direct character translation "Dragon of the mysterious pinnacle skies") is a continually reincarnating dragon spirit being that lives as an undergod entity, that being the son of the beyonder lord known as Rtma Eros Paragon, and the grandson of the root-family leader, Almighty Lord Kituneki (Nicknamed simply as “Enki”). His personality is distinctively kind, loving, humorous, energetic, ingratiating, obsequeous, worrisome, determined, and earnest. Originally thought to be in spiritual imagery as "? Azure" in the early dragon formations, there are eight total phases in the addition of an alternate dimensional form, for all appearances and traits to have ever lived upon. The entire sequence in the chronological evolution of his forms are: ?, ß, Form I, Form II, Prince, Angelic, Moonwing, Final (Form III/Great Form), and Dark Azure. In this case, Azure embodies the character primarily as the dragon of Metempsychosis (or in an alternative notable title: The Violet Vividness), in which in himself, is derived as an offspring directly from Rtma and Enki. From the family tree, he lives in the third generation (Lunar Feather Generation) of the Enki Family Tree. He is the younger brother of the dragon being Athena (originally known as Eve before becoming a dragon), younger lunar planetoid brother to Nebari Demaaktro, older brother to Patch Dragon, a cousin to Hanugumo's son, Asten, and a mutual cousin to Kuro (SC). Coming from the second generation (also known as the Dragon Generation), he is the son of Rtma, and the nephew of Salrith Celari, Hanugumo Zeoxis (Hanugumo Fuhres), Brennen Eadelo Sol, and Draco Zeoxis (Draco Leviathan), with Othello Drake being a mutual uncle to Azure as well while being a newphew in law from Cobalt Sol. Coming from the first generation (The Great Generation), he is the grandson of Kituneki (Enki) and spiritual brother of Urulai. Currently, he is the third youngest of any member within the interconnected family web of Enki's tree. Some other possible dragons such as Gregory Shonhart, Drakita, and Jose may be very loosely and remotely related to Azure by a miniscule. Azure's pets are Baros Mosscrown Deschain and SeductiveDrgn.

Life and carnations:

? Form: This is an afterthought, first speculated early prototype of Azure Enigma Paragon. It does not contain background information of a life he has had, but this is more or less a visual representation of what he can be in various cameo and event features for other peoples' works illustrating him in ? form. The illustration “Alpha Azure Enigma Paragon” represents the visual of what his appearance is from this form. His height is roughly 13 feet tall, with his wingspans of each being by horizontal measurements being about 15 ft wide. The wing membranes are celestial, and they reflect upon another universe to what the skies may look like in comparison to the location he'd be in. This causes him to glow when the wings are active and when he's awake even in the dark. His tail can glow in rainbow light on three ends with mini lens shining at the very tip of each end of the tails. The type of tail he has trails down and towards the end spreads out to three different tail ends, the center being the biggest and longest with all three being individually movable as well as sharp by their tips. See the “Alpha Azure Enigma Paragon” promotional artwork and the ? Azure reference images + more artworks for visual details. Another, yet more proportionate and detail-balanced artwork presentation is available known as "Alpha Azure Evolved."

ß Form: This particular form is based on the avatar archetype of what he would represent as the "wolf-dragon" in the game Second Life. This is where it comes from, and again, no background information of is life exists here except that it can only be virtual, that being the things happening to him as well as what he does in the game. See "Azure Moonwing" for more information. The color schemes of this particular prototype form are black scales and a violet underbelly, which would have similar schemes that go with Form II and Prince Form, in which are those being official extensions. The height of Azure in this form is 6'11”, and the wingspans for each wing are roughly about 7 ft wide. The head of the dragon is partially wolf-structured, but still dominantly mixed in with the general dragon shape, and the nose is actually a snout. No horns are located around and on the head, but instead, black hair that curve-spikes around from the center top forehead to the lower back. The hair fades close to the beginning of his tail, and the wing membranes are dark purple. Lastly, the end of his tail has only one prong, hence being only one tip instead of the original “three way” tail ends. See “Beta Azure Enigma Paragon” and ß Azure-realted artwork for visual details.

(Note: Forms ? and ß are prototypes of two developing stages as a whole for himself. They do not count as official forms for they are only first visual and virtual representations of his forms)

Form I:
Blood Type: O+ (Translated to human terms)
Worldly Habitat: Earth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Incarnation Personality: Misunderstood, naive, sweet, innocent, and youthful.
Sexual Orientation: Gay (homosexual)
Birthday: January 2, 2560 A.D ~ First birthdate and spiritual existence of Azure Enigma Paragon (Critical Note: Azure's species ages via from human to dragon years as *170 = )
Birth Location: Queensland, Australia
Nationality: British
Language: English (with Australian accent)
Type: Western, Anthropomorphic
Weight: 330 kg (By adulthood)
Height: 6'0" (Adulthood)
Color schemes: Purple scales, hot pink underbelly, golden irises, ebony claws, and white hair.
Structures: Wavy white horns, spinal hair from head to the three tail ends, stud-like for muscle variability, kitsune-like ears, dragon body head and structure, spikes near his neck down from the corners of around his chin, two chin spikes, a forehead horn (cone-like shape, not wavy), three tail prongs, and has a wingspan of 4'9" for each wing. His feet are a digitigrade type.
Natural Abilities: Turbo flight and crawling speed, ball formation as well as controllable rolling abilities, and cloaking.
Elements: Lightning
Stage of being: Demi-God
Age of Death: 37 (human equivalence) (37.8x170 = 6426 in dragon years)
Summary: When young, he was first born as form I of his being, under the “first generation of formation” in himself. He appeared as a pink egg at first, and as a hatchling, he was a pale eastern-type dragon with newborn fur with arms and legs until he grew up in his mid-childhood, in which he completed his development of becoming a western dragon by his structure and change of scale colors. Technically, he's a European dragon that's a hybrid of Kitsune and Dragon, thus his species in this form is known as a "Kiragon." In the life that he started with, he was nourished and born from Rtma Eros Paragon while Rtma was in his "Generation 1" form of his visual self, that being red and orange. Azure, in this form, comes from Gen. 1 Rtma, which Azure has purple scales and a hot pink underbelly in this form. By the middle of his dragon life span (roughly age late-37 in human equivalence), he had conditional complications associated from his bodily health, in which the case of this was based on the time that his ß Form was then realized to be connected with the already-dead original incarnation before any form of Azure existed. This causes his premature death, in which he very soon becomes known as "Form II," after rebirth.

Form II:
Blood Type: O+ ? (Translated to human terms)
Worldly Habitat: Earth
Alignment: Neutral Good
Incarnation Personality: Assertive, brave, obedient, confident, and determined.
Sexual Orientation: Gay (homosexual)
Birthday: June 1, 8986 A.D
Birth Location: North United Kingdom (Scotland)
Nationality: British
Languages: English (With Gaelic Accent), Gaelic
Type: Western, Anthropomorphic
Weight: 400 kg (By adulthood)
Height: 8'0" (By adulthood, initially before upgrading to Prince)
Color schemes: Black scales, violet underbelly, white claws, purple irises, light blue eye surfaces, ivory horns, golden whiskers, and some white hair.
Structures: Definitively and highly muscular on all places, taller and larger, smoother-skinned (albeit physically harder), horns have a far more straight (but still minimally wavy) build, more spikes from head to the end of the three tail prongs, fin-like ears, raptor-structured skull, a nose horn, wingspans being 7'0" each, plantigrade feet, two tiny horn spikes on his chin, a whisker for each side of his obicularis oris (above the mouth lines, typically where the edges of a moustache would be for a human's face), and a very spiky tail.
Natural Abilities: Super strength, agile and flexible body movement, high flight manuvers, space flight, and invisibility.
Elements: Astral (Cosmic energy)
Stage of being: Demi-Beyonder Lord
Age of Death: N/A (Transformed into Prince form, which is actually an extension to this form by 17.5 in human age)
Summary: As he became born from a purple egg, he hatched and was already built in to the structure of a western anthro dragon, albeit being very small in proportion and size. This form actually represents the traits being 55% Dragon, 35% Kitsune, and 10% Raptor (visually noticable by the structure and the head as well as the skull), resulting in the mixed species phenotype hybrid known as a "Kiraptagon." By the time he grew up, the colors stayed the same but his muscle mass was eventually surpassing siginifanctly of that from his first form (Form I) by young adulthood. Known to be belonging in the beginning of the second generation for his forms (the first generation being ranged with ?, ß, and Form I), Azure II physically and emotionally improves upon that of his previous incarnation. Nevertheless, the form, physically and spiritually, was stable and fit for any anthropomorphic dragon. While meeting with more friends and dragons alike to keep in touch with, he's more committed to doing things that he loves to do especially in his previous form. With the more likeable personality and attractive looks for male dragons and phenotypes alike, a lot was forming well for what he could live up to. When he reached near his young adulthood (ending in his teenage years, roughly in the middle of age 17 in human equivalence), Azure engaged in an intimate, yet sexual experience once more with his spiritual grandfather, Enki, but in the form of intercourse to where he was submissive to his almighty lord. By the time it was done, this marked the evolution once again, upgrading him to be known as "Prince Azure Enigma Paragon" thanks to the effects of Enki's magic-substanced semen that was absorbed within Azure's inside body system, thus causing him to mutate respectively.

Prince Form:
Blood Type: O+ ß (Translated to human terms)
Worldly Habitat: Outer Space
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Incarnation Personality: Sensible, passionate, serious, intense, insane, content, selfless, and willful.
Sexual Orientation: Gay (homosexual)
Birthday: July 23, 11961 A.D
Evolution Location: Nexus
Nationality: 50% Phillipino (25% Malay and 25% Indonesian within), 35% Scottish (with British miniscule connections within the blood even coming from Form II), 10% German, and 5% French. This makes his race 50% Euro, 50% Asian.
Languages: English (With Gaelic Accent), Gaelic
Type: Western, Anthropomorphic
Weight: 500 kg (By adulthood)
Height: 13'0" (By adulthood)
Color schemes: Black scales, violet underbelly, silver claws, purple irises, light blue eye surfaces, golden-yellow middle eye's iris, white middle eye's surface, ivory horns, golden whiskers, and some neutral, low-saturated rainbow-silver hair.
Natural Abilities: Exceptionally incredible intellect, multitasking, powerful space control, & lord's vessel power usage.
Structures: Similar to that of Azure II, but several noticeable visual differences include: A middle third eye for light elemental power, usage, and special visor abilities, crown horns (7 individual horns pointing vertically but not straight, as each are placed to make a circle set from the scales, giving the "crown-like" appearance, hencing well with his title), wavier head horns, scales shine in colore highlights including his horns and fin-like ears (which are brighter), whiskers are more straight but darker-colored, and the muscle structure is much more refined if not much stronger.
Elements: Astral (Cosmic energy)
Stage of being: Undergod
Age of Death: N/A (Transformed into Angelic form, which is actually an extension to this form by age 18.08)
Summary: This particular form (Phase 5 of 8 from the Lunar incarnations of Azure) not only considers the regal and unique aspects implicated biologically upon his self as a Kiraptagon, but his confirmed and upgraded nationality as well as his physique for non-visual powers are also establishd from this form. While meeting even some more new friends during hard work with his life, he came into some more frequent contact with some of his family members such as his uncle Hanugumo. At a certain Christmas, he managed to come in recognizing contact with his uncle Brennen and his uncle-in-law, Cobalt, who is Brennen's mate. Around that time onto the next year was a good set of moments to relax and socialize until connections of love and friendship became much stronger and rewarding between Azure and Hanugumo by late January of the next certain year. This establishes his "Angelic" form, in which is the 6th phase of the Lunar incarnations.

Angelic Form:
Blood Type: O+ ?ß (Translated to human terms)
Worldly Habitat: Heaven
Alignment: Neutral Good
Incarnation Personality: Loving, ambitious, energetic, affectionate, light-hearted, sometimes humorous, and idealistic.
Sexual Orientation: Gay (homosexual)
Birthday: January 27, 15035 A.D
Evolution Location: Nexus
Nationality: 50% Phillipino (25% Malay and 25% Indonesian within), 35% Scottish (with British miniscule connections within the blood even coming from Form II), 10% German, and 5% French. This makes his race 50% Euro, 50% Asian. Note that with the overwhelming amount of years passed on Earth, these races of his regional origins are miniscule. He's most likely classified as an alien, space dragon, or a lunar entity instead.
Languages: English (With Gaelic Accent), Gaelic, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Taglog, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. His alien languages that he's adapted to are: Dravazian, Sangheilian, and Eros.
Type: Western, Anthropomorphic
Weight: 670 kg (By adulthood)
Height: 13'0" (By adulthood)
Color Schemes: Metallic Black scales, violet underbelly, white feather wings, silver claws, purple irises, light blue eye surfaces, ivory horns, golden whiskers, and white kitsune hair.
Natural Abilities: Access to any dimension, recovering power from the Nexus/Heaven, attraction field (a love-related ability), swift learning skills especially with linguistics and translation to alien languages, healing others (emotionally, socially, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually), the ability to implicate light or dark energy matter with various natural elements, and summoning entities and objects more powerful than him, but cannot control them by any means.
Structures: More toned and harder muscles, a light-violet aura when in space especially in resonation to the Nebulum matter connected to him over a dozen milleniums ago, wings that were cosmic for the membranes and draconic for the muscle and skins, are now entirely replaced, transformed, and embodied to having white durable feathers hence the title.
Elements: Fire, Light (adaptable), Dark (adaptable)
Stage of Being: Undergod (Secretly has the ability to temporarily access Nexus-leveled beyonder lord powers)
Age of Death: N/A, but as the generation ended, Azure is 20.9 (In human years) (20.9x170 = 3553 in dragon years)
November 24, 18588 A.D
Summary: Angelic Azure has typically the same color schemes but much more detailed, color-balanced, shimmery in account to his purple aura, and elegant, yet massive angel wings. Thanks to his beyonder lord uncle, Hanugumo Fuhres, who granted him the powerful upgrade and transitional incarnation to become his 6th Phase Form of the still-existing lunar planetoid living near Earth, multiple aspects continue to improve within Azure. This is the last "2nd Generation" form given to Azure, for out of the 9 total forms/incarnations there are, each form of 3 makes 1 generation. (Generation II being Azure II, Prince, and then Angelic) Spending his years as this loving entity as well as staying in mateship and intimate touch with Rtma Eros Paragon, things go downhill, event by event on Earth. Luckily, he meets up with new dragon friends and members alike that capture a surprisingly more related realization to Azure, in which not only does he get to know how and when his powers will finally reach its limit and fulfill his indescribable dragon life, but the odds are that he can eventually communicate with -any- dragon spirit whatsoever by the next generation and incarnation. As of this time, he is at peace guarding the areas within the Nexus, its boundaries, outer space, heaven, and Earth. Some of his beloved ones go amiss in the middle of his time, but eventually return for any needs and gatherings necessary. He has some new family members that he discovered, and at this time, he even has a new and younger brother named Patch Dragon, a raptor-dragon (Draptor) hybrid of such species established closest to Azure than any other being until then. While Azure gives off a lot of love to his family members, mate, and his younger brother, he meets someone of sheer kindness, dignity, and the will to make everyone happy, in which Azure comes to know this kind dragon that controls the moon (and was born from it, living in it too), known as Nebari Demaaktro. Because of the abilities and sounds that Nebari can mimick from Azure, they came to consider eachother as lunar dragon brothers. However, just before discovering Nebari way after becoming brothers with Patch, Azure also stumbled across a powerful lava dragon known as Blaze. Although much friendship was developed between Azure and Blaze, Azure accepts Blaze's offer from Blaze's family tree, to become his alternative, additional, yet also-considered stepson to Blaze after some training, implicated powers granted, and a sexual relationship to Azure. With much pleasure to go with as well as looking forward to what he progresses with, Azure does indeed establish the relationship between himself and Nebari to address Nebari as "big brother" and Nebari to Azure as "baby brother," considering their age, when they've become a dragon, and how Nebari's previous species life was born and dead well before Azure's previous major incarnation before being a dragon, was born and dead also. Aside from such long-gone and misaligned time connections to their lifespans before being born as a dragon, they came to know eachother as Azure has the ability to absorb and use adapted powers from the moon that Nebari Demaaktro controls and uses his own source powers with. From such dimensional force powers being similar, Azure came to realize massively what he's capable of as time when on for his spiritual lifespan was progressing as he himself was improving. Many years later after many decades of missing and searching for Hanugumo, he was finally able to reunite with his uncle through special methods of dimensional communications, and much emotional love was expressed between uncle Hanugumo and nephew Azure. Meanwhile, Azure was still able to stay in further sexual and loving development to Rtma, who is his father and lover. In this case, the relationship has been experienced than just ackowledged to be true, existant with feeling, and eternal. Time passes on, and Azure as an Angel later becomes infused to a planetary chemical, generating him to become known as "Phazon Azure."

More information will be updated in the future.

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