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Hell Cat
Sitting, tail twitching, in front of my laptop, located at my kitchen table, in my home, on my own little corner of the world, on the edge of Casper, Wyoming.
Raising my cub, writing, and auto mechanics
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Common spotted leopard

Born in the wasteland desert, I have spent the majority of my life chasing good times. I have visited almost everywhere in the continental US, but have never been outside of the country. I lived in Seattle for almost two years, and would love to live there again if finances were only available. I took to mechanics at a young age, and have spent the last 8 years turning wrenches for money. After a short marriage and a quick/ugly divorce, I ended up as soul custodial guardian of my four-year-old daughter. I completed a BA in Journalism at the University of Wyoming in Summer 2010.

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I have loved the fandom, and considered myself a furry since roughly 1994. I have been to one convention, but did not get to spend much time there. I rarely get the chance to meet or converse with furs, outside of Internet chat rooms. I guess I still haven't come out of the furry-closet yet. My hopes are to do just that someday soon - without worrying about consequences I can't bare to live with.


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