Howlett Fang


Full name
Howlett Fang
Utah, United Status if America
Occupation title
Canine, German shepherd Dog

Name: Howlett Fang
Species: Canine - German Shepherd Dog
Age: 26
Colors: Black and Red, Midnight Blue
Fur Pattern: Normal German Shepherd Fur pattern but has a midnight blue tattoo. (Tattoo not on current ref or images)
Attitude: Shy but friendly till angered.

Growing up as a pup Howlett Fang never felt like he belonged anywhere, infact, he still tends to spend most of his time alone and not really talking to very many others. He has said that this is largely in part because of his fur colors and because he doesn't want to be hurt again but he is willing to break out and meet others. He is less shy over the internet and is always willing to meet and talk with others online. Howlett is irrationallly afraid of spiders, so much so that he will down on himself for being a scaredy dog over it. He loves thunderstorms and rain and lightning. Howlett has a section of fur permanently colored in the shape of a flame tribal on his upper left arm on the bicep aside from that and his fur colors his is a pretty ordinary German Shepherd Dog that enjoys music, and life as he knows it though he is always looking to improve his lifestyle. He has chosen to live in a small house on his own on the bed of a trailer and attached to an SUV because his believes in being actually free to live his life the way he wants and not the way the government wants. Howlett has 2 siblings a funny little Dutchie named Firetruck whom he found and Adopted and at cute little Cat/Wolf named Blood Star that found Howlett and Firetruck and adopted them as her family.

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