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I'm really shy and not very social. Also I can seem a bit harsh at first but once you get to know me, I'm really not all that bad. I like to be random and make people laugh, in fact weather online or in real life, I'm random 99% of the time. If I make can someone laugh, then my day has just found it's meaning. However, I can be serious when I have to, and quite philosophical then, too. I'll sometimes throw a surprise big complex word that most wouldn't think to be in my vocabulary. I've always been good with animals, I seem to bond with them rather quickly. As for my people skills... Well they are quite... lacking. Many people that I meet for the first time IRL tend to avoid me or I tend to avoid them after our first encounter. The reason? Well I have this habit of, when I meet a person for the first time, I will stare into their eyes for a long time. I feel like I get a sense of who they are, and what they're like. I don't make many good friends that way, but the ones I have made I'd trust with my life. I like to be able to have my friends be able to come to me if they have a problem, I may not have all the answers or the best ones... HECK! I may not have ANY answers at all! But, I'll listen. I also have this "Gift/Curse" I see someone in need of help, and I will drop everything help them, even at the cost of my own well being. I'm also a bit of a drifter, I don't like to stay in the same place for over a year. Most of the time I'm Free-spirited and kinda go with the Wind. But if there is one thing I just can NOT stand (And there are quite a few actually... Popsicle sticks, neh! *shutters*) it's being rushed. I live at my own pace and do things my way, they may seem unorthodox at first but they get the job do every time. I'm timid and I tend to look to others to tell me what I should be doing more than myself. I usually don't speak out of turn and keep to myself. I'm usually quite respectful even when angered but... I have my limits. I like to solve my problems peacefully, but can be violent when pushed or threatened. Threatening friends, especially close ones who are like family will earn pain and vengeance. In tough times, I do take charge and can handle things quite well. You want to know more, just ask.

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My 3DS Friend Code: 4253-3534-9340 Let me know yours if you happen to add me.


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