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Nolan 'Ahshran' Williams
Rangiora, New Zealand. A land of furry desolation from which there is no esxape -_- seriously, there are no other furs here. Or gays. In other words, forever alooooone XD
Anime, gaming, singing, dancing, my friends <3 i love them, guys (im gay btw)
Occupation title
Red Fox

Nolan went through a really rough patch, and went so far as to change his name to ahshran, but her perservered his way through all the utter BULL***T and pulled his head out of his ass, and changed his name back to his given name, Nolan Williams. I am a 17 year old fox fur from indiana origionally, but as of 2002 live in rangiora, new zealand, a little town abaout 20 miles from the cosmopolitan centre of the south island, christchurch. I am gay, single and a switch that leans a little bit to the bottom.

Other information

Well, i am a virgin in almost every way (no comment >:3) and can be really happy and random, but am kinda depressed at the moment so bear with me will ya? XD also am looking for an artist willing to comission a pic of me n.n keeping in mind i am low on income as it so stands -_-


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