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My name is Lakota and I was born July 21, 1986 and I am an american citizen and sometimes I wish I could move to another country but alas I cannot. My star sign is cancer and I currently am living with my parents as places are way expensive out here lol.

I have 4 sisters and three brothers and I currently work security at the powerplant.

What I like most about my job are the people I work with and the fact that I get enough pay to survive by although it is getting quite stressful so I'm looking for a better job lol.
I'm wanting to move out of state but I'm probably just going to wait until the Spring so I won't move when its getting cold out lol.

I love people who don't take life too seriously and aren't serious all the time, because I like having fun. My favorite activities include singing and reading and of course playing video games and I love to do this because I like having fun. I love to dance and I am wanting to learn more about it so I will be taking dancing lessons sometime soon hopefully!

My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of water.

I love to say awesome a lot and sweet xD

My favorite meal involves pizza and my favorite snack food is kitkats!! :D

I consider myself to be sorta health and fitness is important to me. This is due to factors such as my health.

I have been a furryawhile now but I am just now getting into the fandom more, but I am learning that the furry community is one big family and it is pretty awesome!

Feel free to ask questions!


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