Rawbie Moonclaw


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Rawbie Moonclaw (Riley Brock )
Baytown Texas USA
Video games and art of all kind (written, drawn, crafted, and sculpted/carved)
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In college
Haft breed kitsune (from folk lore)

I been in the fandom ever since I was 16
I been through a lot in my life (from being sent away at 13, being homeless, raped, and jailed) but instead of feeling sorry for myself I made myself better from all the bad things and I try my best to always stay positive about things (I'm finding it easier and easier the more I do it)
I don't claim to be wise or a expert on anything, and I damn sure don't claim to have all the answers (or any of them for that matter)
But what I do claim is that I know where I been and where I'm going and how far I have come in my own life.

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I can be childish at times but only when I want to be


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Rawbie Moonclaw


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