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Reyedog McGann
Toledo/Maumee Ohio
3D Animation & Socialization
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Staffing Agent & Computer Programmer
Shapeshifter Orca Whale & Many Other Forms

A Sleek and Majestic Orca Shape Shifter that goes by the names and species - Reyedog(Malamute), The Foofy Reye(Husky), Foofy Wolfy(Wolf), Akhlut(Orca/Wolf), Red12Eyes(Nanaki), Binkyroo(Red Kangaroo), Bluethunder(Clydesdale Horse), Demi(Western Dragon), Evanwolf(Wolf Dragon), Anapa(Egyptian Jackal/Anubis), Greyphon(Gryphon Eagle), Jules(Mute Swan), Draven(Raven), Ganderson(Canada Goose), Skillet(Skunk), Shnivel(Red Fox), Tori(Mallard Duck), Darktallion(Apocalyptic Horse), Dragconian The Dragon(Welp Dragon), Knotty Dobie Rex(Doberman Pinscher), Flare Phoenix, Pidgleon(Pidgeon), Evanphin(Bottlenose Dolphin), Orconius The Orca, Sniffy Wiffy Yiffy Roo(Red Kangaroo Hybrid), Kileak(Fox Chakat Hybrid), Samia Spitfire(Striped Hyena), Kaleido Wolf(Chimera Wolf), Belladonna(Black & White Stripe Brown Tip Leg Zebracorn) - I'll be adding the rest sometime later.
But Some People just stick with calling me Reyedog.

If I am watching your account it means I really admire your artwork and characters The same goes for fursuiters.
"Venis, Vidis, Penis"

Active Furry for about 28 years but had been one since I was a 5. Was then given a introduction into the community through my real family and meet a lot of the oldies, which I miss very much.

Active online for about 26 years now. Very friendly, chat easily. Can be a goofball sometimes. I like to make new furiends.
I am very respectfully nice to new furries, I try not too be much of an ass when joking around... lets see what else .... oh and I like to talk. So if you feel like chatting or something, I'm all ears.
I like to watch allot of drawings and doing them myself so expect to find me on the go a lot, but if you see something you did that needs touching up or want a personal drawing from me, call me if I am in the process of request and it is active.
:Splash Splash Crash:
The Sleek Sexy - Reye

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Owner Of FurNation & FurNation Based Hosting Services:
World Wide Chairman To Many Cons Not Involving Furries:
Con employee To Many Cons Includes Those That Are Furry:
Con Attender World Wide If Time Is Allowed:
Half fursuiter:

[Companies I've worked for]

Game Companies: Activision - Epic Games - Linden Labs
Computer Companies: Microsoft - IBM
Government Companies: NASA - JPL - FDIC Contracting
Entertainment: Disney - Universal Studios
Staffing Agencies: Epic Entertainment - Aerotek <- current job

You'll Read more what I've done in the fandom once I am six feet under. Until then only a handful know.


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