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John Barrett
North Wales, PA
Video games, social media, art, comics, acting, costuming
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Signage & Bikes in retail

Roxikat was created in 1995, and is the most-noted character and sometimes fursona of furry artist John Barrett. One of the earliest east-coast crossplay fursuits, Roxikat is a silly cat-brained female(?) and is a lot chattier in suit than out! In John's own artwork, Roxi speaks in the third person and punctuates many sentences with feline squeaks. From 1996-1999, Roxi appeared in the Furthest North Crew APAzine in a Trekky spoof comic story called Roxikat's Myah. Here he created his closer-to-life fursona Johnnykat and had cameos of friends and other fanzine contributors.

He’s commissioned several artists to interpret his art to build the Roxi fursuit in spandex, getting branded with the term “boobsuit” in the quest to make the cartoony character look like the bubbly source material.

Over the years, John has been published in Antarctic Press’ Gold Digger Annual, writing and drawing a graphic novel for Radio Comix called Gold Digger Edge Guard, along with homoerotic comic shorts in Genus Male and FurPlanet called Game Boys, about a raccoon and collie dog gay couple who played video games all through their relationship.

With the help of best friends, he decided to try to build a costume himself, and created Hossifer, a country-fried femmey canine/equine hybrid with long red hair. More recently, he’s taken the sewing experience in order to rebuild Roxikat in fur instead of spandex, with a goal of having her complete by Anthrocon 2016 (hopefully!)

Roxikat was a guest of honor at a few anime conventions, Camp Feral in 2003, FA: United in 2007, Condition in 2010, and Morphicon in 2011.


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