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Geoff Welch
Galveston, Texas, USA
Gaming, Furry Web-surfing, Electronics, Cars(the older the better, talking 30's),
anthropocanis rufus ferus familiaris texanus

Well, first let me write down my FULL species, lol...
anthropocanis rufus ferus familiaris texanus
(Humaniod Wild Red Wolf~dog of Texas)
...I am fairly new to the furrydom. I thought it was only about the fursuit fetishes but then after a good look around the net I started seeing the art and everything. Now I am pretty obsessed with it. I'm still trying sort out my own fursona. I think I'm pretty set with what I've got right now. I'm pretty sure I'm set on a dog fursona though, more like a Feral ' Street' Dog than a wolf.

And yeah, so I guess I'm looking for a furry Feline, no a furry Fox, no a....
...Well let me start of here, because I want a woman that will put her all in to relationships and I, of course, will return the same. But I honestly don't know. I get along with just about anyone. I guess it'd be cool to meet someone that share the same interests as me (yiff). I would like to find someone that would with experience in furcons, furry art, furry sex(of course), I guess just about anything fur related. Somebody that can show me the ropes, ya know, take control(but not in a dominatrix type of way, more in a teacher student way). As I said, I am new to all of this BUT very interested!

Anyway, yeah my purrfect mate, I guess if I had to choose one it'd be (and don't roll your eyes), Krystal "The Blue Vixen" Fox. As she is strong, smart, a leader, and super sweet and crazy sexy all at the same time. So yeah Krystal! ;-)


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