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Zoosadist furry Rubén "Woof" Pernas arrested, Cuban animal advocate group reports

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Rubén Marrero Pernas
Editor's Note: Links to sources will be in Spanish, as they originate from Cuba.

Another arrest has been made on a member of the animal abuse ring brought to light in September. According to Cubanos en Defensa de los Animales (CEDA, or Cubans in Defense of Animals), Rubén Marrero Pernas, using the fandom pseudonyms "Woof" and "Warg" (amongst others) was arrested on November 24, after details of his involvement in the group had been shared on social media. CiberCuba has more details surrounding the story.

Pernas was identified from an image in the abuse ring's chat logs (shown at right), which he posted of himself holding a puppy that he'd adopted from CEDA. The puppy was killed within days of adoption, and pictures of its abuse were also in the chat logs. When CEDA announced news of Pernas' arrest via Facebook, they stated that two living dogs were rescued from his residence.

As Cuba currently lacks animal welfare laws, it's not clear for what specific crime Pernas was arrested - possibly for the distribution of pornography.


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Thank god this guy is locked up. The Kiwi Farms zoo megathread on this has plenty evidence against all of the awful people in the sadism ring, though its not for the faint of heart.

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It's not clear that he was locked up or what happened. The authorities in Cuba aren't the most transparent and their laws may not have provided sufficient reason for arrest (not that it stops them...) Although if he didn't go to prison, he may have been sent to a mental institution (which is far from likely to be better.) It can even be hard to get news because negative stories can risk being treated as treasonous and journalists or institutions who speak up can face backlash.

I'd been trying to get more info by contact to the CEDA group and they were willing to help, but their internet access isn't easy at all, so they weren't able to keep in touch with me. I'll go nudge them again though and see what I can find out.

One of the most amazing aspects about this is how happenings in the furry fandom actually provoked a citizen protest against a nation's government to amend it's constitution for animal welfare laws. (The CEDA group that helped get Ruben's dogs into foster homes helped to lead it, IIRC.)

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