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Furries assist authorities, leads to charges and arrest of Levi "SnakeThing" Simmons

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In late September, the furry world was rocked by a leak of telegram chat-logs that revealed an organization of those that practiced extreme forms of animal abuse in the real world. On October 25th, 2018, police in Oregon have made the first arrest of a member of this zoosadist ring, Levi “SnakeThing” Simmons. They have been initially charged with sexual assault of an animal, animal abuse in the first degree, and animal neglect in the first degree.

Levi, who went by several pseudonyms in the furry community including 'Nelizar', became infamous soon after this leak. The logs were released to the public by a fellow zoophile who felt their peers had gone too far in their crueler abusive behavior towards animals. While SnakeThing was quickly overshadowed by a more famous individual caught within the ring, furry Youtuber Kero the Wolf, most of the evidence tied to Levi. This was because the leak was centered around his account that the whistle-blower had gained access to and downloaded the data from. It was Levi's own logs that was eventually shared with the internet.

Update 11/1: Furvengers noted on Tuesday 10/30, that Mr. Simmons was released from prison due to apparent statue of limitations on charges and evidence presented at this time. State charges have been revoked.

With a solid amount of evidence in hand, a group calling themselves the “Furvengers”, a furry group that is against any form of animal abuse, had gotten in contact with authorities and presented what had been gathered. In a stream these informants did on October 26th, they noted while it was a challenge to get a hold of the proper authorities to help in the investigation of the matter at first, they soon found one Oregon officer that helped them work with other agencies to get the ball rolling on the case. The group also noted that the mother of Levi had become quite helpful with the investigation and cooperated with police in the matter.

While the Furvengers are pleased that one of the main coaxers in the zoosadist ring is now behind bars, and they feel a great weight has been lifted from their shoulders, they know that the work is not fully over in this case. Others who were part of the ring still run free. But with SnakeThing now in the hands of authorities, the police may be able to utilize him to gather more intelligence which could assist in bring others who harmed animals to face justice.


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The Furvengers say all the stuff is handed over, but analyzing it and putting pieces together may still bring tons of progress. I'm happy to say I saw some of that happen today and it may lead to the next arrest.

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"Furvengers" group has been compromised, they indicate that they are wrapped up with what their goals were regardless.

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wtf are the statute of limitations on animal sexual assault loooooooooool

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In Oregon, 2 - 3 years apparently.

Depending on if it considered a felony or a misdemeanor.

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That seems quite short. But, on the other hand, they don't actually distinguish between sex with an animal and sexual assault of an animal, so perhaps its best that it's so short.

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