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Fangcon circus coming to Knoxville in November

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This promotional newsletter was provided by Fangcon. Story written by Nightwolf.

Welcome one and all, to the furriest show on Earth! Come to a convention unlike any you've seen before!

What makes Fangcon stand out from the rest? We've packed this weekend full of activities to enjoy all weekend long by all ages. Test your skill and luck at our carnival corner, with games provided by furries from all over Tennessee. Enjoy the fursuit parade and watch the suiters compete in the fursuit games. For a more refined feel, take a seat in the poker tournament. Relax in the hotel's heated pool before the late night dances.

Klingons vs. Furries

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The furry teamYet another busy month for furries in the media is upon us, fronted by the Furries vs. Klingons bowling tournament; which gained internet-wide attention after being featured on Boing Boing and Fark TV.

Blogs went wild for this clash of the subcultures and someone even set up a poll on who they thought would win. From the start of the poll right up to weeks after the tournament the furs and Trekkies were neck and neck, each taking their turn to inch forward and fall back again. This was hyping up to be the subcultural clash of the year!

The hype was immense! Every furry, Trekkie and simply internet-centric website was reporting the event. Even Anthrocon caught up - bowling at the next Anthrocon anyone?