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Brazilian furry convention to be Abando-ned after 2016

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Abando Brazilian furry camping convention Abando is to end after next month's instance, according to a video posted by co-founder Reyres (translated by Puggy):

He basically explains that Abando became somewhat out of hand, it became way too expensive, Abando is a little event, and organized by few people, that do it just because they like it, but these things consume way too much time, effort, and in the case of this one, much, much money, since it requires the rental of an entire nature park, regardless of the places getting sold out or not.

Some of the staff, over the years, had to step out for many reasons; some are getting married, having children, moving away. And taking care of the event is a big task, not to mention that lately, it threatens the financial security of the whole staff.

Anthro armadillo 'Fuleco' picked as 2014 World Cup mascot

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FulecoBrazilians cast almost 1.7 million votes in choosing Fuleco, an anthropomorphic three-banded armadillo, as the mascot for the 2014 FIFA World Cup games (soccer). A fursuited mascot is featured in the BBC's TV coverage.

As one of the most high-profile ambassadors of the event and a member of a vulnerable species, the Official Mascot can play a key role in driving environmental awareness. The name Fuleco™ is a fusion of the words “futebol” and “ecologia”. This seamlessly represents the way in which the FIFA World Cup™ can combine the two to encourage people to behave in an environmentally friendly way. In voting for the name Fuleco™, the Brazilian population has clearly demonstrated an affinity for both themes that the name epitomises. (press release)

But while Brazilians approve of the armadillo as a mascot, the way the name was chosen – a three-way online poll – is less popular. Over 23,000 signed a petition requesting a "more democratic" process, with some asking for a name featuring the vulnerable species itself.

Depression: Not just for humans

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We've known for ages that animals are sentient beings, albeit on a lower level than humans. These stories provide insight into animals' thought processes and emotions, how they cope with sadness and disappointment, and how they can recover when conditions improve.

Our first story is about Gigi, a Doberman Pinscher, who became depressed after losing her litter of two puppies following birth complications.

The second is a modern take on The Lion King: Agence France-Presse and Brazilian media report that a pair of lion partners were reunited at a zoo in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil, after the male became so depressed by their separation that he stopped eating.

Heather Bruton, Dragoneer interviewed on 'Muzzle to Muzzle'

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Brazilian fur Hwei Chow has posted detailed interviews with furry artist Heather Bruton and FA owner Dragoneer in the international section of community portal FurryBrasil.

The interviews – named Muzzle to Muzzle – are presented in a roleplaying conversational style reminiscent of The Tame Talk Show, which Hwei produced.

iGorilla supports Congo park; Brazilian specimens burnt

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Two quick stories from the BBC: A fire has destroyed a collection of snakes, spiders and scorpions at the Instituto Butantan in the Brazilian city of São Paulo:

"The entire collection was lost, the biggest collection of snakes in the world," curator Francisco Franco said. "It's a loss to humanity."

Meanwhile, a $4 iPhone app called iGorilla is to be sold to support conservation work in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park.

Editor's note: The feature list looks suspiciously similar to the company's 99¢ iPuppet.

Brazilian newspaper writes positive article on furs

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Brazilian newspaper Diário de Guarulhos has printed an article about the fandom (p 16), developed with input from Fauna Urbana, Tanuki Gokuhi, Aniki Geelong, Jrrhack and Zutharr.

According to Koga SilverDragon, the piece "describes in a succinct and clear way the 'basics' of the fandom." Included are photos of Canadian fursuiters Inari and Rappy Raptor.

Video: Furries play extras on 'Caldeirão do Huck'

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As previously noted, furs appeared tonight on popular Brazilian TV show Caldeirão do Huck.

The fursuiters played as extras to Luciano Huck, who was disguised as one of them.

Those who don't understand Portuguese may want to skip to 3:40 once it's loaded.

Popular Brazilian TV show to use fursuiters in prank

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Fauna Urbana reports on recent fursuiter involvement in Caldeirão do Huck, a Brazilian comedy TV show watched by millions. The episode is to air April 17. A fan video accompanying the coverage shows interviews in which fursuiters explain furry fandom from their perspective.

Unlike the Fantástico feature, only fursuiters are involved; some furs fear misrepresentation.

Update (Apr 19): The show has been postponed to next Saturday.

Brazilian furry news portal launches English version

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Portuguese-language news portal Fauna Urbana, source of Flayrah's story about Abando 2010, has begun offering an English feed.

Currently available is a fully-translated version of the original story, and a brief summary of the first edition of FurryBrasil podcast Focinho a Focinho (Snout to Snout), which includes an interview with Abando staff Aniki Geelong and Ekevoo Guepardo.

Site leaders hope to attract English-speaking readers, and also intend to translate certain Flayrah news items into Portuguese for their local audience. Articles on both sites are normally available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Brazilian furry camping con grows 68% in third year

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Fauna Urbana reports [translation] on the third instance of Brazilian campout Abando, held last weekend near São Roque.

The event attracted 37 attendees — 15 more than last year, and close to the site limit of 40. Attendance cost 100 Reals (US$55), which covered the bus to and from São Paulo, four meals, workshop materials, prizes and gifts, including a t-shirt.

Brazilian TV show Fantástico covers local furs, LondonFurs

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Some shoppers and their kids get more than they bargained for, meeting up with Brazilian furs followed by a TV crew (translation). The show also covers members of the LondonFurs.

The piece was discussed (translation) on Portuguese-language news portal Fauna Urbana; apparently much more footage was taken. Although pleased with the general tone, local furs were disappointed in the focus on fursuiting.

Brazil is home to furry camping convention Abando, held near São Paulo since 2008.

Brazilian zoo to auction animals for fundraising

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The Fundação Parque Zoológico de São Paulo also known as the Sao Paulo Zoo, is auctioning off 143 animals from 10 different species to pay for their renovations, and endangered species research. Though most zoos just auction off pictures or 'adoptions' of the animals, this is the real thing. You can get a pair of peacocks for $1000 or a trio of porcupines for $1500, along with a care booklet.
Animal welfare groups are concerned, but the zoo says all animals will be microchiped to track their ownership. Wilson Almeida Lima, from Brazil's institute for the environment and natural resources said: "If there is an accusation of bad treatment of those animals we are going to punish the responsible. We hope whoever buys an animal takes good care of it." The zoo hopes to raise at least $100,000 though the sales.

Bald parrot discovered

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A new species of parrot, known only by one bird viewed at the edge of the forest, seems to have a fully bald head, like a vulture. Scientists are trying to find the species again to study and protect. It was spotted in a piece of Brazillian rainforest slated for development.

New Furry webportal

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At least Brazillian furries will have a place to talk and a websearch engine for their websites.

FurryBrasil was created by Brazilian furry fans, and everyfur can join them to help and enjoy the services offered by FurryBrasil.

the Forum (phpBB).

News portal

and Search Engine

Unfortunately FurryBrasil cannot offer free webspace yet.

the URL for FurryBrasil is

Wildlife trafficking on the rise in Brazil

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Despite the best efforts of various national and international organizations, Brazil's National Network Against the Trafficking of Wild Animals (RENCTAS) estimate over 38 million wild animals are taken from the forests of that country every year.

Over 1 billion dollars are estimated to have been made by local traffickers each year through the sales of rare species to international collectors, most of whom live in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
Birds are the biggest trade item, making up 82% of caught animals, and most do not survive the trip.

For more information, read the article here at the BBC website, and for more on international bird trafficking specifically, read the World Parrot Trust site.