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Dungeons and Dragons

New Furry paperback series set in Gamma World

Your rating: None Average: 3.3 (3 votes) has entries for two new paperback novels published by Wizards of the Coast in the post-apocalyptic adventure-comedy D&D series "Gamma World" — a setting where "thousands of possible universes all condensed into a single reality".

In "Sooner Dead" by Mel Odom, published in February: "A bio-engineered super-soldier named Hella and her mutant buffalo sidekick Stampede clash with armadillo bikers and inter-dimensional mutants across the ragged landscape of Gamma-Oklahoma."

In "Red Sails in the Fallout" by Paul Kidd, to be published in July, two desert explorers named Shaani and Xoota – who seem from the cover picture to be anthropomorphic wallabies – "are followed home by a swarm of empathic earwigs."