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Caffeine could cure cancer

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Though it's no Jolt Cola, green tea has been found to be remarkably effective as a treatment for skin cancers in mice, and scientists hope that caffeine may soon be used to help kill these harmful cells in humans. Though previous studies have shown injesting caffeine can also combat skin cancer, there are doubts to whether the amount needed is suitable for human consumption.
"Whether you can give enough orally to be effective in humans is not known," Allan Conney, researcher at Rutgers University in New Jersey, says."Whether people could ingest that amount without becoming hyperactive is also a real question mark."


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I wouldn't have minded being given the information on the caffeine dosage levels mentioned in the article. As with others here, I think I might *already* be ingesting that amount due to my usual coffee intake.

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Eeeee! Im a Coke drinker that has at least 3 cans a day and stays up 18 hours a day. This is killer news! Finally, something that will rot my teeth, taste good and kill that tumor in my brain. ;)

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But is the news furry? Apart from, of course, the news that our rodent friends are being killed by the thousands in labs in horrible ways. Eep.

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It doesn't have to be furry to be on Flayrah. This site features Science Fiction articles as well. This is a science related article. Besides, love of caffeine is something of a universal in the fandom.

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i always thought it was chocklet - or is that for stress - i forget - well since i always put chocklet in my coffee i guess that's what's saved my tail so far the last few years ... ~;)

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Uhhh... if you ask me, that's a bit stupid.

It's not the caffeine that's anti-cancer, it's the free radicals found in green tea, along with a
host of other "good" chemicals, that are anti-cancer. As of yet I don't think they've found
a positive way caffeine works on the body at all.

People may psychologically love it because it keeps us awake, but that's the only "good"
thing about it that we know of.

Green tea, however, is very VERY good for you, and is a great substitute for coffee, which I use myself.

... And yeah, what's so furry about it? o.o


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It's science news. Flayrah has a plethora of article headings to submit under. Including 'eccentricities' for stuff that might be of interest but doesn't fit under the others.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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