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Everyone knows that meteors heat up in the Earth's atmosphere because of friction and that the moon only looks bigger at the horizon because the thick air acts like a lens... right?
If this and other cosmic myths are your "well known facts", maybe you need


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I love! The site has a movie review section that points out astronomical errors in movies such as "Armageddon". It's a fun read!

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this is a GREAT site! But they never did answer why the moon looks bigger on the horizon; they gave 2 hypothesis that negated eachother

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I thought it explained reasonably well that it's an optical illusion. Sometime when the moon is up in the sky well above the horizon, stuck your thumb up at arm's length and compare it to the visible size of the moon. Then another time when it's near the horizon, do the same thing. You'll find that the moon is the same size relative to your thumb.

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