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Pyramid shaft to be explored tonight

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The great pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid in Egypt, but in spite of contant study by experts and daily visits by tourists, it still contains mystery. Some of that mystery will hopefully be cleared up when a small roving robot is sent up up a vent shaft tonight to probe behind the door of an unexplored chamber. The event will be carried on live television in some places, hosted by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass.


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The robot ascended the shaft last night, drilled a small hole in the door, pushed its optic fiber through and found a small hiden chamber containing...

Another door.

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"I cast the spell 'burning hands!'"

"What are you attacking?"

"I'm attacking the darkness!"

For some reason that comment brings AD&D to mind... tunnels, shafts, doors.... go fig.

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nuff said. :)

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