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Not all dinos look cool

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Incisivosaurus gauthieri is hardly the best looking of dinos, but that buck toothed, goofy face is the face of change in the way we percive theropods. Largely thought to be nothing but swift predators with only the most superficial of differences in their dentation, I. gauthieri has rodent-like enlarged, flattened incisors instead of the typical 'steak knife' carnivore teeth. This has lead scientists to believe it might actually be a herbivore, a first in this line of specialized dinosaurs.


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Oh lord, it's Bugs Dino! Or maybe Dan Dino? Either way, I see a possible replacement for Barney on the horizon.

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Nyeah, what'th up Doc? *munch munch* It'th not eathy being a dinothaur, ya know.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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OMG! It's Henry the Vulture, star of some Bugs Bunny cartoons!

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I liked Neanderthal Bugs Bunny Better!

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Strangly, it is belived by some that this is a very close relative or even predecesor in thwe evolutionary true to the well known carnvore Raptors. (Most well known of which being the Velocoraptor of Jurasic Park fame.)

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He's the dorky cousin they never invite over but Mom makes them let him tag along. :}

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