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Escaped tiger killed by authorities

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mwalimu's hometown makes furry news headlines. Unfortunately the news is not good.

A tiger being transported escaped early this morning on the east side of Bloomington, Illinois, when its owners stopped at a local truck stop and tried to give it some exercise. Area residents were ordered to stay indoors while authorities tried to capture the animal. After four unsuccessful attempts to trank the animal, it was finally shot dead when it made aggressive moves toward conservation police officers in a pickup truck.

See story on Yahoo or in Bloomington's local newspaper, The Pantagraph


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This is exactly why most people should not own tigers

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I think it's important to say that, even with all the bad publicity, there are still private sanctuaries out there that are doing a great job of taking care of their animals. People are very quick to say bad things whenever something goes wrong, but tend to ignore it when things are going right. Private ownership is a necessary part of the conservation effort. Unfortunately, there are still too many places that have incapable leaders in charge of their programs.


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