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Emergency Vets... no, not the TV show.

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CNN put up an article about emergency vets. It's a short, fairly light read but interesting none the less. A few vets are interviewed about what some of their more memorable patients, how their days normally progress and why they do it. Alongside the article is a sidebar of various schools and colleges that teach vetinary medicine. If you're interested in going into the vetinary field give it a skim and then check out some of the schools that are listed. Some, such as the University of Minnesota, are very well known for their courses. Others might come as a surprise. There's also an online survey, which I found to be very oddly worded, that you might like to take.


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Speaking as someone who is in the veterinary field, though just as an assistant, I'd would have to agree with the comment on the survey. I doubt very much that anyone connect with animal care had a hand in it. For myself, love has a great deal to do with why I'm still in it after nearly eight years, but also a sense of responsibility as well. There has to be something that carries you forward- past exhaustion, bites, and being dowsed with every possible fluid an animal's body can produce. Heck, I make jokes with friends about it being a they refer to the priesthood as being, but maybe it's not such a joke. All I know is that, despite everything, I'm glad I'm doing it and hope to be doing it another eight years, if not more.

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The biggest reason I didn't persue the vetinary field (I considered it for quite some time before college), for me, that I can't stand the idea of inflicting pain on an animal nor seeing the animal in pain. Granted, it's for the good of the animal, and will (with luck) help it out of the pain it is in or prevent something painful/bad from happening, but still, the idea just doesn't get along well with me, so I ended up not persuing that career. Sometimes I wish I had, I'd feel like I was making a bigger/better contribution to this world.


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