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Simpsons Halloween Special Includes Furry Nod

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This evening's Simpsons Halloween Special (the thirteenth and final edition) featured as its final tale of horror a take-off on the Island of Dr. Moreau, called "The Island of Dr. Hibbert". In a reverse twist on the original plot by H. G. Wells, instead of animals turning into people it featured the extended Simpsons cast turning into animals.

Plot highlights: Homer has a romantic encounter with his wife after she turns bestial, and then at the conclusion of the tale he tries to convince the tribe of townie therianthropes to convert back to human, with an impassioned speech. "But all you do is eat! and sleep! And mate! And roll around in your own filth! And mate! And... Umm... Where do I sign up?" Homer joins the pack (as a walrus hominid, aptly), and they all live happily ever after.


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That's some good work there, Lou.

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Dang, I missed this one! Too bad. If I was smart I'd have taped it. Oh well, Simpsons is in syndication so I may see it as a rerun later on.

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How do you think I feel?! I mentioned the damn thing in the first place and I missed it! *growls* With any luck, they'll have a Simpson's Halloween marathon one of these years...

Tlaren }:=8}

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Maybe, just maybe, it will be relaesed on video or DVD like some of the other Simpsons stuff. Who'd have thought? Furries are getting main stream refferences and for once it's not bad. I myself kinda liked Marge as a cat. ;)

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Marg was gorgeous in cat's eyes and blue fur! But Homer as a walrus
was ridiculous; everyone knows the walrus is Paul... ;)

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Say, is it just me, or does someone at the Simpsons know something about furry fandom? There were enough 'bits' in there related to the fandom that it struck me almost as an inside joke aimed at furs (i.e., Comic Book Guy is the leader of Hibbert's furries, and he exhorts everyone to throw their trousers away and 'accept their inner animal essence', just to name one).

Whatever the reason, I wish the fandom could produce this sort of properly-done self-satire. I thought this was the most hilarious thing I'd seen in years!


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I doubt it was a reference to the fandom or anything. Given the premise of the story, the lines seemed to be results of natural storyline comedic progression. It's easy to read stuff into the cartoon, though. Like Marge looking like Tezuka's 'Bagi', or Marge and Homer being kind of like the cat and walrus in Meet The Feebles.

Incidentally, the film version of H.G. Wells' story they were poking fun of was also the origin of the phrase used by the band Devo, "Are we not men?"

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I'll keep this short.

Several folks have let me know that they found my comparing furry fandom to the Simpsons Halloween episode offensive to the fandom. I didn't intend any such a thing, and I want to apologize to anyone who I unintentionally insulted.


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i hope they show that one again sometime when i happen to be looking - i really wanted to see that and didn't.
before there was the simpsons matt groening did something called life in hell that featured a one eared rabbit (named binkey i think) among other things ...

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